High School Students Mock Muslim ‘Sholat’ Prayer in Viral Video

High School Students Joking during Muslim Prayer

From Dakwatuna :

Viral Video Of High School Students Mocking Muslim Rituals

Currently, a viral video is being circulated on Facebook which shows a group of high school students mocking the Muslim’s prayer [Sholat]. From the 5-minute 33-second video, we can see that these students dancing while saying Muslim prayer phrases such as “Allahu Akbar”. Their dance movement was accompanied by a Western song [Maroon 5 – One More Night].

Muslim Sholat Prayer

Muslims performing the Sholat prayer.

During the video, the students who wore “High School of Tolitoli 2” t-shirts continuously performed and made fun of the Muslim prayer while dancing to the Western song. Based on dakwatuna.com research, High School of Tolitoli 2 is one of the public high schools in Tambun village, Toli Toli, in Central Sulawesi province.

After being exposed, the video uploaded on April 12th has attracted lots of negative comments. A Facebook user named ‘Dickyslaluchayang Dendizaifika Slamanya’ commented, “Lunatics, shalat is not a joke, mocking it is the same thing as insulting Islam [religion]”. Another Facebook user named Muhammad Yusuf commented, “Why would you joke around using the prayer? This is not the way even if you want to be instantly famous!”.

Comments from Kaskus (1 & 2):


I hope they will be forgiven by God!


The world is really coming to an end as these people won’t even respect their own creator [God].


They need to be stoned to death! Unbelievable!


Do their parents ever teach them about religion at home? Why would they make fun of a religion!!!


This is so humiliating. Even worse, one of them was wearing a jilbab [Muslim head scarf]!


Hopefully, these ababil son of a bitches will be struck by lightning!


Just report them to FPI [Islamic Defenders Front], Boss!


I think all of them will grow up to become sluts later! GGGRRR!


I think they were trying to follow the Harlem Shake dance, Boss!


If they ever dare to do that in front of me, I’ll rape them right away!


I’m not a holy person but I’ll behead those Satanic kids one by one if this happens if front of me. 1 word for all of you who are in that video, you guys are such ASSHOLES!


I heard they’ve already been expelled from their school. Serves them right! =)


Burn them alive, Boss!


I guess these girls have not been beheaded yet, eh [the case in Saudi Arabia]?


I hope they will repent soon and their lives taken by God immediately. Amen.


If they are considered human beings, it is INAPPROPRIATE, DESPICABLE!
If they are considered demons, it is still INAPPROPRIATE, TOO DESPICABLE!
If they are considered animals, even animals are still MORE RESPECTABLE!

What do you think?

The student who dancing during religious muslim prayer

A photo of one of the girls in the video.

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