Defeated Presidential Candidate Supporters Expel Journalists

Prabowo Hatto Presidential Candidate during Election 204

From Merdeka:

Covering news on Prabowo-Hatta, Metro TV journalists expelled

Metro TV reporter and cameramen were expelled while covering religious gathering events held by the Prabowo-Hatta team – Hatta at the Polonia. The expulsion was carried out by a number of guests who attended this religious gathering.

Based on observations of at the scene, guests standing near the stage began yelling at Metro TV reporters and cameramen to get out at around 2:30 PM.

“Get out, out, out, Metro TV,” shouted the guests, on Sunday (3/8).

Finally, the reporter and cameramen stepped out of the Polonia House via the right side of the fence. They were accompanied by the heavy rain and shouting from the mass.

“Booo… Get out Metro TV … Booo,” shouted Prabowo-Hatta’s supporters.

Comments from Kaskus:


Let’s boycott all Prabowo supporters!


That’s sad, they are still in denial.


They are acting like a bunch of kindergarten kids. LOL.


Seems like Prabowo’s supporters have gotten a virus from their own boss.


Good for the reporters as they can rest with their family. It’s better than covering the news of these losers.


If they had won, it’d be even worse


I’m glad I chose the right [presidential] candidate


Why would the media still want to cover this delusional attention whore of a loser?


Luckily I chose number 2 [Jokowi] as my president!


They are acting like football [soccer] hooligans.


Maybe the Metro reporters were trying to apologize yet they were chased out. These people are totally not good hosts.


Well, karma might come next for Prabowo, to be thrown out from the Indonesian Constitutional Court.

Prabowo Hatto will reject 2014 election result

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