‘Indonesia’ Graffiti on Mount Fuji Outrages Japan, Reactions

Indonesia Grafiti on Fuji Mountain Japan

From Tribunnews:

Japan Protests Indonesian Graffiti on Mount Fuji

Graffiti was found on a big boulder on Mount Fuji. This finding has generated complaints from many Japanese who have reported the incident to the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs. This even prompted Shizouka Shimbun to write an article on Thursday (7/8/2014) titled “Holy Mountain Attacked.”

This active volcano, standing at 3776.24 meters altitude, was designated a UNESCO Cultural Heritage (World Heritage) site back in 22 June 2013. Now, capitalized and orange-colored graffiti can be found in three places on the Fujinomiya trail.

The Fujinomiya trail opening is part of a world heritage asset configuration. This incident was reported immediately to the Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs. Efforts to remove the graffiti are expected to take place on 8 August.

Fuji Mountain in Japan

The graffiti was found on the mountain’s 9th trail and 5th Shaku. The graffiti reads “INDONESIA” written on a boulder (large stone) with a length of about 80 centimeters. Then, on top of the existing Indonesian graffiti, white arrows point to the direction of travel for the climbers. Over the past few years, there has not been graffiti discovered on Mount Fuji.

“This attack on Mount Fuji’s sanctity, which is a world heritage and an object of faith, causes unfortunate discomfort for climbers.” the paper reported.

The person in charge of Fuji provincial civil engineering office that manages chemicals will attempt to remove the graffiti before the summer holiday period in Japan where the number of mountaineers will rise.

Indonesian tourists at Mt. Fuji, not related to the above incident:

Comments from Kaskus:


This act embarrasses Indonesia as a nation. Who would do something stupid like this?


Sanctity? The excuse would make more sense if they want to protect nature instead of holiness..


What did the mountain do to deserve this graffiti? Geez.


Totally tacky!


The culprit may not even be Indonesian.


Indonesians can’t even watch their own behavior in their own nation, let alone overseas.


Typical Indonesians. I often go hiking and have seen many mountains in Indonesia littered with rubbish.


Japan is unreasonable. They start pushing blame just for graffiti.


Finally, Indonesian culture has became an international sensation.


Just because of one dumb person, the entire nation is being shamed.


They shouldn’t bring their own bad habits overseas.


Japan used to invade Indonesia, so maybe someone is trying to return the favor.


Obviously, the culprit is not a nature lover. Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints

What do you think?

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  • mymy

    i’m not trying to defend but this comment ” The culprit may not even
    be Indonesian.” might be true because there might be irresponsible person who try to put the blame to indonesia, but…..idk since typical (uneducated) indonesians are like that (but i believe most indonesians who have been overseas are educated people, tho) imo

    • Anjing

      No one outside of Indonesia knows about The Klaten Regency, let alone that KLAX = Klaten.

      People can be educated but can still be complete fucking idiots. Look at the Merah-Putih coalition for abundant examples.

  • NeverGoneAbroadBut

    I’ve been to Borobudur and find similar graffiti, only it’s about someone “heart” his girlfriend. Also, when you stroll around on Bandung, you’ll occasionally see graffiti on older building complex at jalan asia afrika and surrounding road/neighborhood.
    There’s a possibility that it’s not Indonesian that wrote it, but unfortunately my experience tells it differently. Marking “territory” are common practice among Indonesians (especially students who travels in group) who visit “prestigious” tourist attractions. And yes, it’s possible that they are people who travels in budget. I’ve read many articles about traveling to Japan with relatively low budget, and that scenario is equally possible as “non-Indonesia wrote it”. Most indonesians accept beauty as something to own rather to enjoy, that’s what makes prestigious object is less enjoyed for its beauty for Indonesian.
    Sorry for the ranting, I’ve seen tons of people littering like it’s nothing much in my 5km journey home yesterday; ranged from middle school kids to old lady, there’s no sin about throwing trash so people behind will step on it.

  • Ken Morgan

    At least it isn’t as bad as the Chinese guy who wrote his name on an ancient Egyptian artefact, you can scrub and clean stones like this, but priceless artefacts no.

    • Guest

      Go Indonesia!

    • ken off

      oh yeah, so its all ok now because somebody else did something worse? you are a fucking genius

  • yurah

    Well at least you can’t see it from far away…

  • Insomnicide

    Mount Fuji is now Indonesian territory.

  • Indonesia should be nuked

    • Zuijiadeai

      Your head should be micro nuked instead.


    CLA-X = KLATEN, Central Java

  • Shame

    Cla – X = Klaten, Central Java Indonesia.

  • Markus P

    “The culprit may not even be Indonesian.”
    Hahaha…Although it was probably an Indonesian, this comment does have a point. When some foreigners do something shameful they lie about their nationality to protect their own countries image, of course this ends up giving another country a negative in the locals views.

    • UserID01

      Begs the question, though… who would just randomly write “Indonesia” if they didn’t have a particular affection for the place? It would be as weird as me, a New Yorker, just randomly writing, “Ylöjärvi” on a foreign national monument. Makes no sense.

      • Thor

        Odds are we’re about to see a follow-up to this story : “a selfie taken on the Mt Fuji with the word “Indonesia” has been found on Facebook/Twitter/Picasa” (or else)

  • B

    You japs should get over it and care about more important stuff. Your obsession about these kind of bullshit is f*cking lame.

  • nip

    japan raped and pillaged their way across asia and now they are moaning about some graffiti on some shitty mountain? get fucked.

  • badtourist

    just another retarded story about inconsiderate people. news flash, there are bad tourists from EVERY country. get over it.

  • jin

    Lazy Indonesian….. not a single post since august!!!

  • BillBo

    Russiaslam and indoboom are dead :(

    • seno

      its that chinasmack’s damn anti-chinese thats dominated all the attention. koreabang is our only hope now.

  • JEng

    Japanese tourists vandalized the dunhuang grotto paintings BEFORE the Chinese boy vandalized an Egyptian tourist site and was hunted down by the Chinese human flesh search engine. I never heard Japanese do anything about what one of their own did to the Dunhuang paintings.

  • Hodor

    Indoboom is dead. No update in 3 months. RIP

  • Balkan

    What happened to this website? No more news?

  • Zuijiadeai

    As Indonesian I feel embarassed for the act of some “uncivilized” culture here. Japan should catch these peoples, punish them, and probably ban those culprit regardless their nationality are. This people have no respect on other people culture.

  • Matt

    Can we get at least one article about Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501?

    It’s been almost five months since your last article; maybe surprise us with an end-of-the-year treat…

  • Chris McKenna

    Have you guys just given up on this site?

  • UserID01

    RIP Indoboom. :/

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