School Charges Toilet Fee Forcing Students to Defecate in Class

School Toilet Fee is Rp. 2000

From JawaPos:

Students Choose to Defecate in Classrooms To Avoid Paying Rp 2000 [USD 0.20] Toilet Fee

The free education program initiated by the Makassar provincial government and municipal government in South Sulawasi apparently does not apply to school toilets. For instance, the students at Borong Jambu I Elementary schools are charged a Rp 2,000 [USD $0.20] fee for each entry into the toilet. It is more expensive than the toilets fees in shopping malls.

The toilet fee policy was allegedly initiated by the teachers of the school, which is located in the Village Tamangapa, District Manggala.

Borong Jambu I Elementary Students

Even more heartbreaking, some students reportedly had to defecate and urinate in the classroom as they have no money to pay the toilet fee. This policy certainly does not consider the economic conditions of the students’ parents who mostly live around the waste landfill area in Tamangapa.

This issue was exposed when dozens of parents from the Borong Jambu I elementary schools lodged complaints to the Makassar City Government Public Relations.

Parents Lodge Complaint to the School

“My son was forced to defecate in the classroom, sir, because he was asked to pay Rp 2,000 to use the toilet,“ one parent complained.

Graffiti on Toilet Wall

Translation: If you don’t pay then please take the crap again with you -> You can eat the shit !!!

Comments from Kaskus:


That’s just great! You kids can take a dump in the classroom or teachers room. If necessary, go ahead and defecate and urinate in the teachers’ homes too!


Tell those crooked teachers to clean up all the students’ crap in the classroom now! LOL…


Luckily, the students do not need to pay to breathe air in the classroom. HAHAHA…


If that’s the case then the students should defecate in the headmaster’s or teachers’ rooms since they should be free of charge…


Just throw your shit at the school principal’s face after taking a dump…!


I think this school is trying to earn side income but failed miserably. hahaha…


These elementary schools kids’ creativity [by taking a dump in the classroom instead] is awe-inspiring… Good job kids!


Sooner or later, there will be an additional rule to pay based on the weight of your dump… How much you have to pay will depend on how many kilogram you unload. LOL…


Just take your dump in the classroom, kids… then collect and give them to the teachers for their lunch…!


Now, this is what I call an education… making the students manage their money well…. Hahaha…


Alright then, I’ll pay for the toilet but the school fee must be free… then it would be fair!


Do they need to pay for the water too? Can’t believe that you have to pay to use a school toilet… tsk tsk tsk….


Might as well stick the crap onto the blackboard, Boss… LOL!


It’s easy, just wear diapers [to school]!


That is so cruel, Boss. As if these kids have plenty of pocket money… GGRRR….

What do you think of the school policy? Should a student ever pay to use school facilities?

Toilet Fees

Price List: To Shit – Rp 0.5 / seconds and To Pee – Rp 0.25 / seconds

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