Lost Report Card Sends Indonesian 5th Grader Back to 1st Grade

Students in Indonesia

From Merdeka:

A Grade 4 Student Had To Return To Grade 1 Because of A Lost Report Card

Muhammad Reynaldi (12), can be used as an example of poor administration in Indonesia’s educational system. Reynaldi, who had studied up to Grade 4, could no longer continue his education simply because of a lost report card. He had to move to a different school and unfortunately was forced to repeat Grade 1 again because there was no evidence that he had ever attended school.

Reynaldi initially went to SD 1 KIP Barabarayya [school name] in Makassar. His performance in school in the past has always been good. In fact, Reynaldi made it into the Top 10 of his class several times. Back in 2009, the school suddenly demanded his report card before he would be allowed to move up to Grade 5. Reynaldi was confused since he had returned his report card back to his teacher.

“The report card was not lost at home, but at school. Reynaldi had already handed his report card back to his teacher.” explained Ani, Reynaldi’s parent, during her discussion with Merdeka.com on Thursday (July 12th, 2012).

Problems started because the school claimed to have no backup of Reynaldi’s transcripts during his study. The school principal stated that all of Reynaldi’s information was stored in the Makassar City Education Department and City Hall. However, they also refused to provide any assistance to Reynaldi’s parents.

“Because there was no letter from school, I wasn’t able to contact the Department of Education or get any answer from City Hall. As a result, my child could not continue studying and had to repeat Grade 1 due to lack of transcripts,” said Ani.

Ani had no choice but to ask Reynaldi if he would like to repeat school again. Reynaldi sadly nodded and said “Let me just repeat, as long as I can go back to school.”

To avoid further embarrassment, Ani decided to transfer Reynaldi to a different school. Unfortunately, Reynaldi could not start in Grade 5 for the very same reason of him having no previous transcripts. He had to repeat Grade 1 all over again, which was what this boy, who was born on June 26th, 2000, has steadfastly gone through.

“He’s currently studying in Grade 3 even though he is already 12 years old. All of his friends from the old school have already graduated to junior high school.” sobbed Ani.

Ani regretted that the education officials did not want to help her son. She had hoped that they would take actions to prevent her son’s education from being derailed due to such trivial matters.

“I’ve tried everywhere, but unfortunately no one would like to help,” she complained. Tragic.

Students in Indonesia.

Comments from Merdeka:

Yulius Leonarta Tarigan I:

Tisk tisk tisk… Hey teachers, you earn a lot of money without having to work long hours. How come you can’t even help resolve such a simple matter?

Halwin Siregar:

This kind of idiotic bureaucracy has destroyed one poor boy’s childhood. It’s so unfortunate to be you, kid… Please be patient.

Ade Maulana:

Unbelievable… The school principal and teachers are all so stupid…

Udah Ilang OoNd’a:

The education system [in Indonesia] is so disorganized. :( Let’s move to Malaysia instead.

Kang Gery:

You should just study at home, kid. That school is so messed up.

Katty Sagittarius:

There are plenty of teachers like that around. This case highlights a weakness in the recruitment process [for teachers] in Indonesia’s education system. Some teachers are more stupid than their students!

Setyo Adi Santoso:

How come the school has no registration book, so embarrassing.

Ione Arka:

How would they feel if this happened to their children…

Hendra Aja:

It’s time to use technology to store databases. We should reduce the consumption of paper – save trees – reduce pollution – fresh air – life is good.

Students in Indonesia

Comments from Kaskus:


Only in Indonesia..and maybe in Africa.

Esyahputra [$]:

This is a horrible portrait of our education system and its bureaucracy. This story should be released to the TV/Media in order to bring attention and fight for the rights of some citizens in this nation.


What the f**k… This school should have some backup transcripts. If not, why don’t they provide a letter of recommendation???


How come he has to repeat from Grade 1 again? Why don’t they just give him a test to gauge his current level? I’m sure at worst case, he only has to move down to Grade 2.


I guess it was smart of my parents to always make a photocopy of my report card every year…


The school principal and teachers are truly stupid. They should teach at elementary school instead.

What do you think of the education system in Indonesia?

A classroom in Indonesia

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