Malaysia Claims Bali Island, Indonesian Netizen Reactions

The Nikko Bali Ubud Resort.

A beach side resort in Ubud Bali

The Malaysian government has previously claimed several of Indonesia’s cultural heritages as their own, with recent examples being the Tor-tor Dance and musical moonlighting Gondang (Nine drum) from the North Sumatran Mandailing people. To make matters worse, the Malaysian government is now upping the ante by claiming Bali Island, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, as Malaysia’s as well.

The following post on popular Indonesian online community Kaskus attracted tens of thousands of views and hundreds of comments from Indonesian netizens spanning dozens of pages. One post reached 29 pages of comments before it was finally closed by administrators though another thread remained open…

On Kaskus (1 & 2):

Unbelievable! Malaysia also claims Bali Island!

Malaysia is making trouble once again. After claiming many of Indonesia’s cultures and heritages in the past as theirs, now they also claim Bali Island as part of their tourist area. The Bali provincial government is also upset and intends to clarify this with the Consul General of Malaysia in Jakarta.

“We have heard about Bali island being claimed as a tourist destination by the Selangor state in Malaysia. Therefore, we will immediately request clarification from the Malaysian Consulate in Jakarta. If it’s true that Bali island is being claimed by Malaysia, then we ask what is the basis for such a claim” said the Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika through his spokesman.

“It’s just so weird that suddenly Malaysia is claiming Bali to be part of their country’s tourism area. Why are they claiming it now instead of a long time ago? Why not go ahead and claim all of Java Island as part of their country as well?” said a spokesman for the Governor of Bali.

Information regarding Bali island as a Malaysian tourist destination can be accessed on a number of local Malaysian tourism sites such as Travel Journal and which say the island of Bali is a tourist destination of the State of Selangor, Malaysia.

On the Travel Journal site, the location of Bali island is listed as part of the Selangor state of Malaysia. However, no one really knows who is responsible for that travel journal site.

Temple Ulun Danu in Bali Island

Temple Ulun Danu on Bali Island

Comments from KASKUS:


Only idiots would believe this claim. Even geographically it doesn’t make sense. =)


Maybe it was a typo.
But if it’s correct, what a silly neighbour country.


What an thief of Asia.
Even the site listing for local tour packages includes attractions from another Asian country.


Eh Malaysia again, Malaysia again. Let’s steal back all the tourist attractions that belong to Malaysia and claim it as ours.


I want to laugh but I also feel anger inside my heart.


The travel agent is just looking for profit.


This is great… free advertising.
The most important part is Bali will have more tourists.


Just attack Malaysia so they’ll be sorry.


I’m waiting for Papua [one of Indonesia provinces near East Timor] to be claimed as part of their country.


It’s because the leader of our country isn’t tough.


if according to me then.. let’s just go to war. this is too much ==’


Whoever believes this rubbish news is a dumbass.

Terranced rice fields in Bali

Rice fields in Bali


Malaysia is the TRULY THIEF OF ASIA


This neighboring country’s mental illness is getting worse.


So funny, just go ahead and claim Australia also if they dare.


I’m in Malaysia now, so what do you want me to do with the Malaysians, boss? Hahaha


Maybe they named one of their islands “Bali”.
If so, then it’s okay, right, since the Bali island name wasn’t patented??


I won’t accept my home being claimed by that thieving SHIT!!!


Oh boy, Malaysia yet again.
Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding.


don’t worry boss, it indicates that Malaysia actually wants to be part of this majesty Indonesia let’s support Malaysia to be part of our country


That travel agent never looks at the map, eh?
I’m actually quite proud, because implicitly, it also shows that Bali island is really worth visiting and is cool. I love Indonesia.


All Malaysians are like shit, never go to school hahaha…


Maybe the person who works in the travel agency is Indonesian.


Only people who have never gone to school would believe it.


Come on, it’s okay, they help with the promotion, right?
If the tourists come then they’ll need a visa, which means money will come to Indonesia instead of them, right?

Nusa Dua beach on Bali Island

Nusa Dua beach on Bali Island

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