Peterpan Announces New Name Noah After Singer’s Sex Scandal

Indonesian pop rock band Noah, formally known as Peterpan.

Popular Indonesian multiplatinum pop rock band, Peterpan, attracted media attention after their lead singer Nazriel “Ariel” Irham was sent to prison for sex tapes that were leaked onto the internet. Ariel was arrested in June 2010 after his sex videos with two other celebrities – Luna Maya and Cut Tari, began circulating on the internet. He was later convicted in January 2011 and sentenced to 3 years in prison under the Electronic Information and Transactions Law for pornography distribution.

Ariel with Luna Maya and Cut Tar

Ariel with Luna Maya and Cut Tari.

Ariel was finally released from Bandung prison on July 23, 2012. After a long hiatus from the Indonesian music industry, he and his bandmates recently announced on August 2nd that they will be back under a new name – “NOAH”.

Living in a predominantly conservative Muslim country, will Indonesian fans still continue to support NOAH after Ariel’s sex scandal?

From Yahoo Indonesia:

Ariel and His Bandmates Announce New Name For Peterpan

Today (August 2) can be considered a historic day for Ariel, Uki, David, Reza and Lukman. Ten days after Ariel was freed from prison, their band, which was formed back in 2003, announced its brand new name: NOAH.

“It was fate that have brought all of us together as a band. We will continue our journey together,” Ariel explained before revealing their new band name “NOAH” at the office of Musica Studio in Jakarta.

NOAH during a press conference in Jakarta.

“We had already decided on the name NOAH 2.5 years ago. It was a complicated process but we chose this name because of its simplicity which fits with our music genre”.

Etymologically speaking, Noah means “peaceful” or “peacemaker”. NOAH will launch its first new single, “Separuh Aku” (“A Half of Me”), on Friday August 3rd. The song will be simultaneously aired by 200 radio stations across Indonesia at 3:08pm.

“August 3rd, 3:08pm”, explained Ariel.

Ariel suggested that there won’t be many changes within NOAH. “It is only our drive that changes”.

Let’s welcome NOAH into Indonesia’s music world!

Comments from Yahoo Indonesia:

Andry Putro Laksono:

Whatever the name is, I will always be Peterpan’s biggest fan.


Huh? the name is identical to my son’s name… NOAH!


Obviously it’s gonna be mantap for this band.


Good luck for NOAH…!!! I await your wonderful songs… ^^

Anggi Febriani:

Sounds strange, but maybe because I’m still not used to it [the new name].


NOAH is absolutely OK… Keep on fighting! Ignore whatever comments people might have. Humans only know how to judge but God is above all of us.

Jin Kazama:

If Noah can make 35% of the money Peterpan made [when they were at their career peak], that would be great… Let’s just hope for now. Hehe.


I’m pretty sure NOAH won’t be successful since that bastard [Ariel] is in there.

Cucho Boy:

Why not name themselves Naruto instead?


Congrats Ariel for being able to have sex again, oops I meant having a band again.


Hmmmm… Absolutely NOT… A band’s vocalist should not commit adultery, especially outside of marriage. He would be stoned to death if this happened in the Arab world. FPI [Muslim group Islamic Defenders Front], please cancel all of Ariel’s concerts and don’t let any youngsters be influenced by his act of adultery!


Please control your penis, mas.


Ariel is one of Indonesia’s legends. Keep on improving, Peterpan. Prove yourselves with your achievements and artistic work.


NOAH = New On Ariel History


To me, all that matters is the band’s masterpiece and not its name :)

Yahoo Indonesia also conducted a poll to gauge the public’s reaction to NOAH’s new name. Here are the voting results after ~4650 Yahoo Indonesia user votes:

Yahoo! Indonesia poll results for Indonesian pop rock band Peterpan's new name "NOAH".

NOAH’s first new single, “Separuh Aku” (“A Half of Me”):

What do you think?

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