Foxconn Factory to Create 1m New Jobs, Indonesian Reactions

A Foxconn factory plant.

From detikInet:

“iPad Factory” will create 1 million new jobs in Indonesia

Jakarta -The government estimates up to one million new jobs will be created if an electronics components factory owned by Foxconn Technology Group is built in Indonesia.

“The Foxconn investment is large enough to employ one million people,” said Minister of Industry MS Hidayat at his office on Gatot Subroto Street in Jakarta on Friday (20/7/2012)

The reason is because the investment value of the factory is also quite substantial, valued at US$8-10 billion (Rp 72-90 trillion). The amount of land planned to be used [for this new factory] is also not insignificant, said Hidayat, which is around 1,000 hectares.

Foxconn is a manufacturing company from Taiwan that manufactures electronic components for several well-known brands such as Apple, Nokia, Sony, and several others.

“They (Foxconn) require about 1,000 hectares of land. 1,000 hectares of land with sufficient infrastructure is difficult to find outside of Java island” he said.

Hidayat is also optimistic that the investment could be realized this year. Furthermore, the government hopes Foxconn will build a Silicon Valley-like area in the country.

“It should be this year, as soon as possible. As for the location, I already know but I can’t reveal it yet,” he explained.

Comments from detikInet:


Are they ready to be paid with less money just like Foxconn’s employees in China?


A few months later, the news will be: “Foxconn reconsiders building factory in Indonesia”. Think of the reason yourself!


Horror factory.
In China, how many of its employees have already committed suicide?


Foxconn should get ready to accept workers who love to strike while being less productive.


Soon there will be a product called “AiPad” everywhere …
By replicating exactly the products smuggled from the Foxconn factory, with a discounted price of course.
That’s what China does.


Probably not a million employees, but rather an estimate of the possible number of new jobs created such as motorcycle taxi drivers, food vendors, boarding-lodging businesses.


Don’t worry, our labor unions are very strong.
If the company dares to do such a thing then it’ll be destroyed.


Whoever works with Taiwan firms needs to be ready mentally and physically. Taiwanese work ethic is similar to the Japanese minus the welfare of its employees.


Is there a mistake? Foxconn wants to build a factory here?
Somewhat surprising!


If we’re not happy, we can just burn the factory to the ground.

What do you think? Will the plant be built? Will Foxconn’s factories in Indonesia suffer the same labor problems as their factories in China?

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