Prabowo Refuses to Concede, Demands Election Revote

Prabowo Campaign

Despite various quick count results from credible agencies showing the contrary, Prabowo Subianto has insisted that he won the July 9 presidential election. During an interview with BBC News, he was quoted as saying “all of the real counts show I’m leading. So I’m very confident that I have the mandate of the Indonesian people”. All eyes are now on the official results that will be announced on July 22nd determining whether it’s him or Joko Widodo (who is leading the current tally) will be the new president for Indonesia.

From Merdeka News:

Prabowo Requests Another Election/Vote! – Presidential candidate no 1, Prabowo Subianto, requests another election. The reason? He found many cases of fraud.

“I am concerned with the reports from my team that there were many irregularities and fraud. There are many indications of cheating involved. Thus, the election has to be repeated. There are 5800 polling stations that have agreed due to the anomalies,” Prabowo said after meeting with Habibie in Jakarta on Saturday 19th July.

“The indication of fraud is quite massive. Thus, we must have another legitimate election,” he continued

Prabowo claims that he’s sure he would win if there is no cheating involved. That’s why he’s asking for a re-election.

“God willing, I’ll win. If there’s no cheating involved.” he said

BBC Interview with Mr Prabowo:

Indonesian Election 2014 Voting Form


Comments from Kaskus (1 and 2):


I hope KPU [official election committee] won’t give in! That guy will never admit defeat.


He is getting more ridiculous…


If he’s so confident of winning, why did he ask for a re-vote???


Game over, Sir. Better to admit it rather than making more people less sympathetic towards you.


Are you even sure that you can win with a re-vote?


Go prove all your fraud allegations first…

World Cup Replay

If Prabowo demands a re-vote, should we also demand a re-match of the World Cup Final?


Might as well ask the World Cup to repeat the Brazil vs Germany match, sir!


You previously declared that you won, how come you want a re-vote now?


Such a ridiculous request/demand… Who do you think you are?


Stop wasting our country’s resources and time!


I also wish that my life can be reset to 0, sir.

Mr Prabowo


LEGOWO = Let (it) Go, Wo!


Urghh.. Are you fighting for yourself or for the nation?


It’s almost clear who’s gonna be the next president.. don’t be too confused.


Just wait until 22nd July [official results]!

What do you think?

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  • Two indoBOOM articles on two consecutive days? I feel like I’m being spoiled…

    Anyway, this is an unfortunate situation. My first thought was automatically, “Wow, what an asshole. It’s a good thing that he’s finally shown his true colors for the anti-democratic wannabe dictator he is”. But then I quickly realized that in a system whose integrity is not assured with a very high level of confidence, there’s a very real possibility that his allegations of fraud may be valid, even if only on the basis of lack of faith in the system. This is why it’s so important to have resiliently strong democratic institutions; otherwise, any loser in a democratic election could always just call out “Fraud!” and have at least some reasonable basis, which could logically result in endless obstructionism of the democratic process.

    That said, if I recall correctly, Prabowo has presented himself as somewhat of a military strongman, which is the last thing Indonesia needs. I do not have much faith in his personal character, so I will not be particularly disappointed if there is no re-election and Jokowi goes on to become president.

  • replay

    Who didn’t see that coming

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