Lap Tapping Guitarist Randy Octavian from Indonesia

Randy Octavian.

The video below is of a 26-year-old Indonesian young man from Jakarta named Randy Octavian demonstrating his he “lap tapping” skills with a cover of Indonesian song “Sempurna” (Perfect) by Andra & The Backbone…

For comparison, here’s the original “Sempurna” (Perfect) by Andra & the Backbone…

Randy was featured on a popular post on Kaskus, which bills itself as “The Largest Indonesian Community” online. The post, which has over 60 pages and over a thousand comments includes the following brief interview with Randy on his guitar playing style…

From Kaskus:

#1 How long have you been practicing, boss? Is it hard playing guitar like that?

It has been 3 years since I started to learn this technique. At the beginning, I was playing Erik Mongrain’s song but after a while, I did my own song arrangements. The video above was taken after learning the technique for only 6 months.
Actually if you learn the technique step-by-step then it won’t be that hard. The learning process was very challenging yet really fun.

#2 What do you call this guitar technique?

Generally, it’s called Fingerstyle but more specifically, it’s called lap tapping percussion, since the guitar is put on the lap. There are various techniques but mainly are tapping and percussion.

#3 August Rush, Andy McKee Drifting, Erik Mongrain Airtap, Kaki King, Balawan…

In general, all those mentioned above are called Fingerstyle. As for myself, I’ve been influenced mainly by Erik Mongrain‘s technique called Air Tap.

#4 Actually, what make you different from others?

1. The position while playing the guitar: I put it on my lap.
2. The tuning of the guitar: the standard tuning is 6th-1st EADGBE, but I use Open Tuning – FACFCF, while Andy Mckee uses Drifting Open Tuning – DADGAD.
3. The techniques which are used to play the guitar.

#5 Please tell me more, boss!

Just add my Facebook if you’re interested to learn or if you want have any questions:

Or if you’re interested in joining the Indonesian community that plays unique guitar techniques:
Indonesian Fingerstyle Guitar Community

More videos:

A higher quality version of Randy’s cover of “Sempurna”…

Randy’s live performance at the Grand Finale of the “2012 Bankers Performance Competition”…

Comments from Kaskus & YouTube:


Wow… so cool, boss! It’s just like August Rush


So scary the way you played it hehehe…


I really want to play like that but have never managed to do it! =(


Mantap, boss! I can’t even play using the regular technique.


Holy shit… that technique is God level skill… I’m sure it’ll take a very long time to learn it.


He’s very skillful. Did he learn it by himself?


It looks like playing a piano now hahahahaa…


Try to watch the movie called “August Rush (2007)“. If you like music then this is a must watch movie! This movie also has a cool guitar technique :P


I just watched August Rush… but apparently there is an Indonesian who can play just like that. So proud of him!


Entertaining, attractive, skillful, amazing, talented..
Keep practicing, little brother!


Are you playing a guitar or a lute, boss?


Holy shit! What do you eat so you can be like that? hehehe
So cool, boss… you only use 1 guitar but it’s already very lively!


Ahh it’s too hard, boss, to play that way…


So cool boss… I want to learn it…please teach me how…


So cool, boss, but I saw a guy who can play with his feet before….


It’s cool, boss…is there anyone who’d like to play guitar with his/her tongue?

What do you think? Impressive? Do you have any musical talents?


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