Government Minister Seen Cleaning Public Toilet at Airport

Minister Cleaning Airport Toilet

From Detik:

Dahlan Cleans WC [Public Toilets] Without Assistance From Angkasa Pura [Airport Management]

Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Dahlan Iskan, was departing to Surabaya using an airplane from Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta airport.

Before departure, this former Director of State Power Company took the time to clean a washroom/restroom in Terminal 2 F. This was done before his departure to Surabaya on a flight at 14:59 PM.

“There are some events in Surabaya that he needs to attend. Later tonight, he’ll return to Jakarta again,” explained Faisal Halimi, Head of Public Relations for Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), to detikFinance.

Initially, Dahlan was only cleaning the toilet by himself. However, a local janitor saw what Dahlan was doing and also helped him.

“At first, he cleaned the toilet by himself after seeing how dirty the toilet was. But a few janitors also helped him afterwards since they saw their minister act,” added Faisal.

Faisal said, Dahlan was initially angry when he saw how dirty the floor was. “There’s no point for my staff to pick me up if the airport and its floor are still filthy,” said Faisal mimicking Dahlan.

From the photos obtained by detikFinance, Dahlan, wearing a white shirt and black pants, was seen cleaning the toilet floor while two janitors also seemed to help.

High Ranking Minister Always Taking Public Transit

Comments from Kaskus (1, 2, 3, and 4):


Well, washrooms in the airport are still generally clean…
But if you go to my school, there will be poop in toilets that are not flushed. Do you still dare to clean it, sir?


Gosh… this minister is so LEBAY!


An international airport yet it seems more like a chicken coop instead. haha…

Crowded Soekarno-Harta Airport in Jakarta


The question is … why is there always a reporter around to report about him [Dahlan Iskan]?


Now this is a leader who can be a role model!


We’ll wait until the 2014 Presidential election. If he doesn’t nominate himself by then I guess his intention was sincere.


Geez… Angkasa Pura [Airport Management] pretending it doesn’t know about this problem…


It’d be better if you [Dahlan Iskan] eradicate all of the corruption first rather than clean public toilets.

Dirty Toilet in Jakarta Airport


It’s really difficult to be a good person these days. When you’re doing something good, people say that it’s only for self-image. If you’re ignorant then people deem you indecisive and contributing nothing. hahahaaha…


Indonesia is so awesome, boss, even the cleaning service is from a high-ranking minister!


Believe it or not!
Dahlan wouldn’t clean the toilet if there wasn’t a reporter around him.
I’m 100% sure!


I really salute Mr. Dahlan Iskan who always pays attention to the small matters that may seem trivial!


Wow, please just hurry up to be our President, sir! =)


“Self-image is everything. If you have a good self-image then anything is possible.”

Dahlan Iskan

What do you think? Is this minister a good role model or just trying to make himself look good in the public eye?

Dahlan Iskan as Public Speaker in Business Forum

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