Indonesian-Made Weapons Hot Sellers in Iraq and Uganda

SS2 Being Used by an Indonesian Soldier

SS2 being used by an Indonesian soldier

From VIVA:

Weapons Made in Indonesia are Hot Sellers in Iraq

Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Dahlan Iskan, is happy that the visit by Deputy Minister of Defense Sjafrie Syamsuddin to Iraq and Uganda some time ago yielded positive results. Both countries ordered weaponry made in Indonesia.

“I’m glad [to hear the news from the] Deputy Defense Minister in Iraq that he became a good promoter for PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, PINDAD, and Dahana [the state-owned corporation that specializes in explosives],” said the minister Dahlan in Jakarta on Monday, August 27, 2012.

Dahlan said that orders of weapons and aircraft from Iraq and Uganda prove the quality of weapons produced in Indonesia. All orders will be received by the three state-owned companies.

It is publicly known that some time ago the Deputy Secretary of Defense Sjafrie visited Iraq, Uganda, and Congo and was accompanied by the director of PINDAD, Adik Avianto. The Indonesian delegation brought weapons made in Indonesia such as light armoured vehicles, Anoa, and the SS-2 assault rifle to Iraq.

SS2 Held by an Indonesian Special Forces, Kopassus

SS2 on a member of the Kopassus Indonesian Special Forces.

PT. PINDAD's Panser 'Anoa' during Indonesian Defense and Aerospace Expo 2008

PT. PINDAD’s ‘Anoa‘ Panser during Indonesian Defense and Aerospace Expo 2008

The Iraqi military delegation will arrive this coming October 5, 2012 to visit Indonesian weapons factories.

Although Dahlan was not among the Indonesian delegation to those three countries, he always received direct reports. “Two days after the deputy minister of defense went to Iraq, I left for Iraq; but my visit was personal. The visit by the Deputy Minister of Defense was very successful, and Iraq trusts weapons made in Indonesia very much,” said the former president of the National Electricity Company.

In addition, said Dahlan, Iraq is also interested in buying CN-235 and NC-212 aircraft.

CN-235 Multi Purpose Aircraft Being Assembled For Export to South Korea

CN-235 multipurpose aircraft being assembled for export to South Korea.

PINDAD's Battle Tank

PINDAD’s battle tank

Comments from VIVA:


Hopefully more countries will have more faith in weapons and other products made in Indonesia. Keep up the good work PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, PINDAD, and Dahana!


We should be proud that our domestic defense products are recognized by the world. Hopefully our tank technology, Anoa, will be on par later with German-made tanks, Leopard.


Keep our nation’s creations going! Make us into a pioneer, not an imitator.


Go Indonesia. I can predict that within 20 years, Indonesia can be a weapons-exporting country overtaking the U.S. and China.

dkustiawan & bingungbikin: (both responding to above)


President Yudhoyono trying out PT. PINDAD's rifle.

Presiden Yudhoyono Trying PT. PINDAD’s Weapon

Comments from Kaskus:


Love products made in Indonesia …
By the way, we’re also making a contribution to the Iraq war, huh?


Unfortunately our potential is not being exploited by the GOVERNMENT and the House of Representatives (DPR). They’d prefer weapons MADE IN USA or USSR.


Wow, Indonesia also wants to become a warmonger. That’s blood money. Indonesia should make weapons for self-defense only. If those weapons are sold in conflict areas, that’s the same as telling people to kill each other.


Can the weapon sales beat cigarette sales as the largest contributor to foreign exchange revenue??
It is said that Indonesia is a pacifist; how come we’re producing weapons instead?


Awesome. [The government is] making weapons to kill people.
When are we going to have peace?


Indonesia is an exporter of weapons?


KFX prototype is still not done yet … be patient …

Indonesian Variant of KF-X Warplane

Indonesian variant of the KF-X warplane.

KF-X, Jointly Developed with South Korea

The KF-X, jointly developed with South Korea.


My friend who is in the military said that it was easy for the SS2 to overheat after firing a few rounds. Then it’ll get jammed when it’s too hot. The solution? Piss on it to cool it down, then you can fire again …..
It was his experience back then in Aceh [fighting against the separatist movements] during President Gus Dur’s administration. Hopefully the SS2 is now fixed.


March forward our Great Indonesia.
Come on, let’s integrate Malaysia, Singapore, and East Timor into Indonesia in order to realize President Soekarno dream of creating the Great Indonesia (Indonesia Raya)


It means that Indonesia also has a role in the Iraq War that’s not for keeping peace
Don’t let Indonesia’s alutsista [weapons system] be traded for Thailand’s rice again 


Was this weapon designed in Indonesia or did Indonesia just get the contract for manufacturing only?

eugol: (responding to above)

The SS-2 is truly made in Indonesia while the SS-1 is licensed from FN FNC.


Now this is what I call cool.
Hopefully the government fully supports the development of weapons made in Indonesia
By the way, the weapons should be tested on the Malaysian border /span>


Hopefully [the government] can approve the weapons sales to IRAN so that they can be proven in battle …

What do you think about the weapons sales to those countries? Do you think it’s bad for the peace process or it’s good business for the Indonesian economy?

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