Hillary Clinton Visits Demanding Gold Mining Contract Renewal

Hillary Clinton, scary face.

From Kaskus:

Hillary Wants Indonesia to Allow Freeport to Continue Its Gold Mining in West Papua

The two reasons for Hillary Clinton’s visit to Indonesia:


The U.S. Government plans to build a new U.S. embassy in Jakarta. According to the plan, the new embassy complex will include a main building with 10 floors, parking, several secondary buildings, consular waiting rooms, three entrance gates and the restoration of a historic building within the complex.

Hillary Clinton Addresses the Press in Jakarta

These buildings will be used mainly by staff of the U.S. embassy and the U.S. mission to ASEAN with a work space of 36,000 square meters. With this current proposal, the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta will be the third largest embassy after Iraq and Pakistan. The project is worth US$ 450 million (about Rp. 4.2 trillion) and to be completed within five years with the involvement of more than 5,000 workers.


Freeport Indonesia plans to ask for a contract extension until 2041. Since the previous contract was started in 1991 will expire in 2021, Freeport has the right to obtain 2 additional contract extension of 10 years each until 2041.

Before the contract expires, Freeport Indonesia wants to extend the contract because they know the exact amount of gold there. Freeport Indonesia has also just invested 125 million USD (approximately Rp 1.1 trillion) for exploration activities conducted in locations far from their current mining area, which include Puncak Sukarno.

Surprisingly, the exploration result is very promising. They found gold deposit far greater than what they have initially expected. Therefore, they definitely do not want to lose this very lucrative opportunity to seize it.

Freeport Mining Activities in West Papua

Freeport Main Headquarter Office in Papua

Mining Exploration in West Papua

Freeport Mining Complex in West Papua

Hardline Muslims protesting Hillary Clinton’s visit:

Hardline Muslims Protesting Hillary Clinton Visits to Indonesia

Comments from Kaskus:


Don’t be fooled again. Our country will be more prosperous if we manage our own assets instead of Freeport. It’s time for Indonesia to make progress!


This country is so unbelievable rich…tisk tisk tsik…so sad, so sad… This is what we call modern imperialism.


One bargaining chip Hillary has will undoubtedly be granting Indonesia F-16s. Indonesia also wants Apache attack helicopters.

nduterste (responding to atamlee):

Gosh, if this is the case then [Freeport] will be given its contract extension. As you know that water buffalo [a nickname for Indonesia’s current president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] is the Americans’ slave!


Keep on mining until it gets depleted!
If you still want to extend the contract then there won’t be any left over for this country’s next generation. So dumb! Good thing I didn’t vote for that water buffalo last time.


I’m sure the contract will be extended.
If water buffalo says NO then his fate will be the same as the dead Middle-East leaders.


Is this exploration or exploitation eh? Hahahaha…


If the contract is extended then he [the President] is really an asshole!


So ridiculous! It’s until 2041.
The political elite of this country are getting more and more unbelivable.


Wahahahaa SBY [President’s initials]… A rubbish president… Just die already…


Can you still say Indonesia is a sovereign country??


If the contract doesn’t get an extension then the corruptors in this country will grab it. But if the contract gets the extension then the foreign country will snatch it. It’s the same lose-lose situations for the poor citizens in Indonesia!


What to do, boss? All countries in the world have to comply with U.S. demands or they will be destroyed otherwise. =(


Do they [the people in Papua] want to reject the Indonesia central government’s demands to extend the contract?
After this, Papua’s people will be able to declare independence supported by the U.S. Congress!


Is U.S. still not rich enough with all of its gold reserves in Fort Knox? They shouldn’t mine our gold just because they are facing a crisis in their own country.


I wish we had leaders like Soekarno or Hugo Chavez who ignored pressure from the U.S. so that all of our natural resources can be managed by our own people.

Mr. Popo:

Is the President proud of himself? He’s impotent and blatantly kissing U.S. ass now.


If the contract really is extended then I’ll kill water buffalo [the current president] myself!
Even if the contract is only until 2021, I’m still not willing to give in! But what we can do? For now, it’s better to review the contract first than the country being nuked by the U.S. =(

What do you think? Should the Freeport contract be extended?

Hillary Clinton Meeting with SBY - Indonesia President

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  • elizabeth

    Looks like Indonesia does not have a choice but to extend the contract which sounds like it has a built-in option to extend. Otherwise, it would be a default on the agreement on Indonesia’s part.

  • Hal

    Yeah, I agree. There’s an international treaty that defines this sort of things. No government can do as they please. If they did not honor this agreement, then market will be spooked and investments will flee Indonesia the instant they announce the news. Sucks for Indo, but hey, that’s life…

  • mr. wiener

    I think the photo captured the “inner Hillary” quite well.

    • elizabeth

      The photo supported the propaganda headline very well.

  • Cleo

    unlike the Japanese, the American military under their brand Gemesis makes diamonds – real ones in the desert outside Las Vegas. So I’m thinking the Gold market isn’t what it’s made out to be. The Americans are just keeping shipping lines active with friendly ships.


    • mr. wiener


    • Cleo

      If there wasn’t an international market for Indonesian goods, Indonesian waters would have only Japanese “scientific research” ships – you know – they’re lookin’ for whales – gotta have some whales.

      Nobody likes or misunderstands the Japanese motives for cruising the world’s oceans. It sucks. This is endless and all because they have nuclear missiles – that’s why there was plutonium in Fukushima but none in Chernobyl and that’s why the news about Fukushima is so positive compared to the news about Chernobyl. Because nobody is afraid of pissing off the Russians.

      Boycott Japanese and German goods and all their co venture products as well – let’s see those exports numbers drop. Let’s see how many billions they can spare to “develop” Diaoyutai when they are no longer feigning poor but actually poor themselves.

      They deserve it.

  • OK I’ll comment on the US wanting to build a great big embassy. This should always be welcomed. Even though I am a Brit, the Yanks are about the only “race-neutral” peoples in the world. They have subs off Singapore. The Yanks are not on a land-grab. They like Indonesians. They like Singaporeans. They like Malaysians. They like Russians. If we compare this to 1980-1990 wow this is a peaceful time. Everyone should work together now. Make love not war!

    • justiceforall

      Do the US like West Papuans – or are they not relevant? just think how did this conflict come about? how did a Melanesian state become an Indonesian state? How did the border dividing West Papua and Papua New Guinea come about? Find out and you will be the wiser for knowing how the US and Indonesia during the de-colonisation era screwed over West Papua to secure its natural wealth for their own gain. This is a shameful history of American and Indonesian collusion in the Pacific.

  • Sell them gold, but negotiate best conditions. Sell them embassy space also. In my opinion the USA are a force for good. They are not Caucasians. They are an American mixed-race bunch, and with Obama in charge the world is much safer.

    Please do compare on Wikipedia with what things were like during the USSR / EEC / USA stand-off.

    • Gunawan

      Bro, do you know how many people in Papua die because of this mining site dispute? Also, do you know how much of profit Freeport made, compared to what Freeport has contributed to Indonesia? This is no negotiation, this is pillage.

      Do you know that when the Indonesia Government wants to pass a regulation related to mining, it has to get approval from Freeport beforehand?

      Its like i own a rich company, but my neighbor took all the dividend, while my employees are poor to death.

      400 years ago, there was a Company named VOC who plunder Indonesia for 350 years, now we have Freeport.

      Freeport, just finish your business and get the hell out of here immediately..

  • Robert

    Im not sure why US would pick Indonesia to build its 3rd largest Embassy in the world. I think the land over there might be cheap and plentiful, but its not like these 2 countries have the best kind of relationship. I wonder what factors do they have in mind for this decision.

    • TAZZ

      That’s true. I wouldn’t trust Americans as far as I could throw them. They’re the ongoing imperialists from the bad old days. Look what they did to the Philippines. Japan and South Korea are their lapdogs. Once the Americans get their meathooks in you can’t get loose of these parasites.

  • dan

    The more hands involved, the more money goes side ways, the more opportunity to corrupt govt officials. Why cant we just do it ourselves directly?

  • justiceforall

    caption should read: US and Indonesia collude to rip-off West Papua for another twenty years – the tragic history of a Pacific island.

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