‘Gangnam Style’ Flash Mob Hits Jakarta Bundaran HI Landmark

Gangnam Style Flash-mob in Jakarta

Following the soaring world-wide popularity of Korean rapper PSY’s hit song “Gangnam Style“, a group of young Indonesians calling themselves the Happy Holiday Indonesia team organized a massive flash mob in Jakarta, filmed it, and then uploaded it onto YouTube. The resulting video went viral amongst Indonesian netizens, quickly accumulating over 336k views and 1.4k comments since it was posted on September 10th.

The description for the video on YouTube:

The Flashmob is illegal, we decided to flood Jakarta’s city landmark “Bundaran HI” with 1,000 people so we can jump safely to the fountain without being chased by national police.

Why gangnam style? because we simply love the dance and songs by PSY.

Who are we? we are the Happy Holiday Indonesia team, please watch our series of Happy Holiday Indonesia on Youtube only.

Gangnam Style Flash-mob in Jakarta

Gangnam Style Flash-mob in Jakarta

Gangnam Style Flash-mob in Jakarta

Gangnam Style Flash-mob in Jakarta

Comments from YouTube:

Hengky bravyyson:

Indonesia should continue to embrace this new change. Let’s liven up the capital city of Jakarta with more FUN! Not with the spirit of anarchy.


BAD ASS!!! Epik shit, man! keep blast the city.


They look like power ranger.


Believe it or not, I’m Indonesian, but i know this video from my friend in korea. wow haha cool man.


There has been more than 100,000 views for this video. Happy Holiday should all bathe in Bundaran HI. Haha.

Astrila Ikhlasia Eprina:

Oppa Gangnam style *dancing dancing* Haha, so cool!

Marcel Lius:

Finally there is an Indonesian version… Haha :D


So fuckin crazy… too bad i cant join this!! Thumbs up guys!


How is this a flashmob? butt scene and guys in boxers is just plain embarrassing?-____- not only throw Indonesia’s face but also kpop. Just plain retarded.


Indonesia gangnam style sucks! I only see some punks playing a fool and no creativity nor entertaining at all unlike other gangnam.

Peter Sammy:

Good job man! Rather than conducting unnecessary protests, they should just do Gangnam style.


There is no need for the butt scene to be honest…


The best flashmob ever…..proud of Indonesia…..

midelini harkichi:

Awesome, Gangnam fever hits Indonesia…


You guys should do flashmob again! cause jakarta needs some fun spontaneous activities to shut those negative minded people :-)


I regret not joining this flash-mob….. well at least i have one thing i’m proud of in my country now, GANGNAM STYLE FUCK YEAH……

What do you think? Of the flash mob? Of the song’s popularity? Have you grown tired of “Gangnam Style” yet?

Gangnam Style Cover Art

PS: If you’re curious, the group’s other 4 videos feature them subjecting themselves to a variety of stunts and pranks inspired by the American reality series Jackass.

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