Pimp with 2600 Girls and Public Officials as Clients Arrested

Photos of some of Keyko's 'chickens'

Photos of some of Keyko’s ‘chickens’

From Merdeka.com:

Keyko’s Track Record: Big Shot Pimp Often Used by Public Officials

The arrest of the 27-year-old Yunita a.k.a. Keyko, stirred the nightlife world. Keyko is suspected of being a big pimp with ‘chickens‘ or girls numbering up to 2,600 individuals. Her clientele varied from businessmen to public officials.

“We pursued her for four days and we managed to arrest her in Bali,” said the head of the public crime unit of Surabaya district police command, Inspector Iwan Hari P., on Monday, September 10th.

Keyko (in red) in Surabaya district police command.

Keyko (in red) in Surabaya district police command.

Keyko ran her operation in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Semarang and several other cities. The women she offered were not just regular women. At minimum, they had to be sales promotion girls (SPG), while a lot of the girls were models or pretty girls who like to hang out in nightclubs. The cheapest rate was around 1 million rupiahs [USD 106] to 1.5 million rupiahs [USD 159]. Keyko herself took a 25 percent cut.

“[The girls were] offered via photos. If they [the clients] didn’t like [the girl] or if I didn’t have a supply of females, then I would find [girls] from other pimps. In Surabaya alone I was assisted by 10 other pimps,” she explained.

Photos and evidence of the prostitutes that worked under Keyko.

According to her testimony, many government officials in the country ordered ‘chickens’ from her. However, Keyko was reluctant to disclose of the names of the officials who were her clients. Her regular clients were officials from the district level to state officials.

“The orders varied. Some of my clients were officials from Jakarta, Surabaya and several other cities. They (the officials) ordered via telephone. If there was an official in Jakarta that liked a photo of a girl in Surabaya, then I’d deliver her to Jakarta,” Keyko told investigators on Monday, September 10th at Surabaya district police command headquarters.

Photographs of the prostitutes that worked for Keyko.

To deceive the police, Keyko was nomadic. She had lived in places like Surabaya, Bali, and West Java, Keyko was free to build her business empire. She had pimps in every city and other sub-pimps underneath those.

Data collected at Surabaya district police command show that in every city there is a sub-pimp in charge of the PSKs [commercial sex workers]. There are about 790 PSKs in Surabaya, 50 PSKs in Malang, 400 PSKs in Semarang, Central Java, about 125 PSKs in Banjar, Kalimantan and as many as 500 prostitutes in Jakarta and thousands of other prostitutes scattered in several other cities in the country.

Yunita a.k.a. Keyko

Yunita a.k.a. Keyko

Yunita aka Keyko.

After the expansion of the case, police nabbed four pimps vital to Keyko’s operation. Even those pimps were not regular people. One of Keyko’s trusted pimps named Nonik, a 27-year-old woman, is not even financially poor. Nonik’s husband is a businessman in Jakarta and she even lives in a condominium. Nonik is not only a pimp but she also often services the men herself. All of her action were done without the knowledge of her husband who comes home only on the weekends.

Keyko will be charged under Article 506 and 296 of the Criminal Code and Article 2 and 8 of Indonesian Law No. 21 Year 2007 on human trafficking. She could face 10 years in prison.

One wonders if this sex business will also die if Keyko goes to jail.

Indonesian police officers displaying photos of Keyko's 'chickens'.

Indonesian police officers displaying photos of Keyko’s ‘chickens’.

Comments from Kaskus:


This pimp is really phenomenal
Perhaps she deserves to be crowned


Awesome! She still looks young but she’s got great marketing skills

The pictures are excellent!


This is absolutely crazy I wonder who the public officials are?


The queen of crotch…er….the queen of the crotch business…

Quick register her to the MURI

Darma Nugraha:

She must have a boss. Age-wise, she’s too young to be the head [of the operation].

-= D137ER =-:

Wow … Keyko … The sweetheart that sells cunts
Why are we too late to get acquainted, girl? …


She’s worthy to be given the title ‘the Queen of Slime’


Just list the officials one by one. There are definitely many of them….

GPO2A: (responding to above)

Psssh…they’ll commit HARAKIRI just like in Japan later on


Madam Keiko
I’d like to have a test drive with the ones on the pictures if I may?
Free of charge pleaseee..


The bribe wasn’t enough. No wonder the police bagged her.


Register her to MURI under the category of pimp with the most PSKs, boss


Wow 2600 [girls]?? She can enter MURI then…


So crazy. This pimp is AWESOME, well-connected, has clients in the elite caste

GPO2A: (responding to above)

So people in the lower CASTE can only drool then, huh?


What’s up with the police. They caught the madam with the potential to generate a lot of money. They should’ve asked for a cut. Who knows one might get a better ‘chicken’ (when the chicken is not for sale).

What do you think?

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