Mother Kills Son For Having A Small Penis After Circumcision


From Viva News:

Mother Kills Her Own Son because His Penis is Too Small

A housewife, aged 34 with the initials R.P., killed her own child while in a rage. The child’s name was Viki Rizka (9) [Viki is a boy’s name in Indonesian]. She regretted her actions and turned herself in to the East Jakarta Metropolitan Police.

The head of Jakarta Police Human Relations department, Commissioner Rikwanto, described the events that took place this afternoon around 14:00 pm. The incident took place at the perpetrator’s house in Klender [a district in], Jatinegara, East Jakarta.


“The perpetrator committed the murder because she was ashamed of her son’s small penis, which had got even smaller after circumcision,” said Rikwanto.

According to the commissioner, the offender killed her child by binding his hands. Then the victim’s head was submerged in a bathtub of water. After he stopped breathing, Viki was lifted out, dried off and new clothes were put on him.

After that, the perpetrator picked up her other children from school. “Then the perpetrator came to the police to surrender and report the murder of her own child,” said the commissioner, Rikwanto.

A Boy Drown to Death by His Mother For Small Penis

Comments from Kaskus and ViVaNews:


Huh? What does the son’s penis got to do with the mother?


I don’t understand… who cares about small children’s penises… Of course it will be small since the boy was only 9.
That mother is mentally ill.
Death by drowning is a very painful way to die.
I think this evil mother should be stoned to death for her crime.


What kind of mother is this? It’s not like she’ll be “using” her son penis so why does she needs to bother with it? Who would do that to their child???


If you want to make it bigger then get him operated on. Why was this mother such a maniac about penis size?



If you think about it, I think Asian people have smaller penises, but they shouldn’t go as far as murdering their own sons like this.. What a bad mother!!! =(

FW190D (in response to indotimur):

Maybe because in East Asia we have resigned to this kind of bad fate.


Gosh…what a really stupid woman!


My goodness, the one who’ll be using the penis is her son, not his mom, you know.

rendra 3:

Wow, what a mother! Hehe.
He was still a kid, of course it was small, later it’ll be big by itself too! Hehe.
If she thinks it was too small, the kid should have been helped instead of being killed, hehe…


My condolences!


This boy’s crazy mother shouldn’t think about it being short or long. Its size can be sorted out later by Mak Erot.

Frans Rico:

The mother is very cruel…The Gates of Hell will be wide open waiting for you!

Muhammad Rian:

Fuck this parent!


I’m sure she’ll be haunted by her own son … Black Tuyul is waiting for you, dearest mom!

BJ Bibier:

Indeed “bird” [penis] always brings disaster!…….

What do you think? What kind of punishment should the mother get from committing such an act?


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