Indonesian Girl Dies in Hospital Due to Soap Opera

Michelle Zudith, actress in Indonesian soap opera 'Love in Paris'.

From Merdeka:

U.S. Media Highlights Death of Ayu and Soap Opera Filmed in ICU

News of the death of the leukemia patient, Ayu Tria Desiani (9), along with the filming of the soap opera ‘Love in Paris’ in the ICU of Harapan Kita Hospital, on Thursday (December 27th), has received the attention of foreign media. Global Post, one of the media in the United States, put the news on their main page with the title: ‘Indonesia: Death by soap opera?

Global Post article screenshot: Indonesia: Death by soap opera?

The media even write that the craze of Indonesians for watching soap operas had a role in the death of Ayu. Global Post also wrote that Ayu’s parents blame the TV soap opera crew for their role in the death of Ayu. Not only that, the Global Post also wrote about the story lines in the soap opera ‘Love in Paris’. The news in the Global Post was quoted by several other foreign media. ‘The soap opera stars a young actress named Michelle Zudith. She plays a girl with leukemia who is expected to die before the age of 20,’ wrote the Global Post.

Ayu Tria Desiani was a 9-year-old girl suffering from leukemia in real life. Global Post wrote that Ayu ruptured a blood vessel and was rushed to the ICU on Wednesday, December 12. However, the ICU was filled with the soap opera crew and Ayu did not survive. According to the media, Ayu’s family was disturbed by the filming of the soap opera as the room became unsterile and crowded with the crew passing by. Global Post also included the denial by Harapan Kita Hospital saying adequate treatment had been given to Ayu.

In fact, the statement from the Minister of Health, Nafsiah Mboi, was also quoted. Nafsiah confirmed that the ICU ward was not a legal shooting location. Global Post writes that Ayu’s family must prove the link between Ayu’s death and the filming of the soap opera ‘Love in Paris’. Even so, the event has become a nightmare for the hospital and the soap opera world in Indonesia.

Harapan Kita hospital

Harapan Kita hospital

Waiting room at Harapan Kita hospital

Waiting room at Harapan Kita hospital

Comments from Kaskus:


Note: Indonesians’ madness for watching soap operas contributed to this incident.


Hopefully the Ministry of Health’s eyes are open… Fire the director of the hospital….


Awesome. Indonesia still exists internationally.


Wow, Indonesian soap operas are famous now, maybe they can penetrate the U.S market, amid curiosity over what Indonesian soap operas are like with their pretty female stars.


Not long ago there was news that ‘the Raid‘ movie became famous worldwide, and now it’s countered by this news. Come on, just finish up the soap opera already.


I’m sad, boss. Hopefully this can give momentum to improving the quality of this nation’s TV shows.


My condolences. Hopefully the government will act swiftly and firmly with this incident.


Even the Minister of Health defends the hospital. Outrageous. If only it was his child who died, then he’d be pissed.


Just close the production house for future lessons..
Soap opera = not educating


Now I’m curious, and want to watch the episode filmed in the Harapan Kita hospital.


Just change the title to ‘Dead in Jakarta’.


Indonesian SOAP OPERAS can finally GO INTERNATIONAL [hahaha]
It’s a covert campaign to raise ratings.


These days money comes first. Issues regarding critically ill patients can take a number. This hospital crossed the line. The Minister of Health should have acted firmly towards the hospital….. RIP Ayu


Wow…. the news goes global….. Such an embarassement. Using Paris as part of its title as well.


Such a disgrace.


Becoming a trending topic overseas, what an embarrassment.

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