Bruno Mars ‘Endorses’ Indonesian X-Factor Contestant Fatin

X-Factor Indonesia Contestant Fatin Shidiqia

From Yahoo Indonesia:

X-Factor Indonesia Fatin’s Audition Video Appears on Bruno Mars’ Official Website

Who would have ever thought that Fatin Shidqia Lubis (16), a high school student wearing a jilbab and her grey uniform during her performance of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” on X Factor Indonesia, would instantly capture the nation’s attention. X Factor judges – Ahmad Dhani, Rossa, Baby Romeo and Wulan Jamela, were initially not so impressed when they saw Fatin come out from behind the curtain. However, their reactions totally changed after hearing Fatin’s singing voice.

Dhani even asked her to join his team to further improve Fatin’s vocals’ for the next round. Rossa, who sat beside Dhani, also did not want to lose Fatin and asked her to choose her instead. With her innocent face, Fatin chose Rossa [to be her mentor]. Fatin’s harmonious singing video has been uploaded to YouTube and praised by many users. In fact, one commentator named Lord Cemen wrote, “I have listened to this song more than 20 times already but I have never gotten tired of it. I even forgot the original version.”

The accolades didn’t stop there. Fatin’s X Factor Indonesia video performance is even featured on the official website of Bruno Mars. The video title states, “Fatin Shidqia Lubis – Grenade: X Factor Auditions Indonesia.” Even though not many people commented on the video, it is already a rare feat that Fatin’s video was uploaded onto the official website of Bruno Mars. “I’m starting to like this girl, Fatin makes me want to know all about Bruno Mars. Thx Fatin, you have a great voice, I love u ….,” according to a comment from Jotz, on January 23, 2013.

Bruno Mars Website Features Fatin's Audition Video

Fatin Shidqia Lubis won the first season of X-Factor Indonesia by beating the fellow contestant named Novita Dewi.

Comments from YouTube (1 & 2) and Yahoo:


Fatin… you’re so beautiful… don’t get married too young


Prove it to the world [that you can do it]!


So cool, I want to continue hearing your voice… Please do not forget your Jilbab when you become famous!!!


Her voice is so crunchy…!

Yahoo User:

You’re all so tacky… Her singing voice is just average. I’m sure her voice will get pitchy as she progresses to the next round…

. :

Unreal, her voice is so good! It’s too bad that she wears a Jilbab which may limit her potential to be an international artist….

Fatin the Indonesian X-Factor Contestant


I usually listen to Fatin’s voice to cheer up my days…. I have played her video repeatedly until I feel bad for Fatin having to keep singing the same song for me. hehehe


She sounds much better than the original singer!


Her voice is good… However, I feel like she still has a long way to become an international artist after seeing other auditions from US or UK X-Factor contestants … Hopefully her mentor can make her continuously grow. :) ….

Rizki Leonardo:

I swear I had goosebumps after hearing her voice :)

Fathul Bahri:

The X-Factor winner has already been decided! xD


Whoever dislike her = envy or maybe tone deaf~

Angela Rinanti:

If you listen to this song with your eyes closed, you probably wouldn’t know that the singer isn’t an international artist. Amazing!!

Morison Timotius:

Good singing voice but she’s acting way too cute!

Husin Ariansyah:

Wow… my future girlfriend :* hahahahahaha

What do you think? Will she win X-Factor and become a famous artist like Bruno Mars?

Fatin Shidqia Lubis Facebook Profile Picture

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  • Erick

    I… kinda agree with one of those posters.
    If Fatin wants to be as famous as Bruno Mars, she has to lose that jilbab :|
    Jilbabs and Burqas are simply hard to market to international audiences.

    Nice singing btw :)

    • lonetrey / Dan

      Eh. I feel like if she develops her talent to a level where it can’t be ignored, I think what she chooses to wear would give her an unique public image on the international scene.

  • Erm, I don’t really get all the praise. Her pronunciation was impressive (assuming she can’t speak English), but her singing itself was too inhibited and restrained, and she didn’t really hit the high notes like in the original. I’m confused by the people saying she’s better than Bruno Mars. The dude is an incredible singer, and she understandably simply doesn’t compare.

    Also, her stage presence was terrible. Nervously rocking side to side and fidgeting with her hands while bashfully giggling like a little girl. You can’t do that when you’re headlining a concert…

    Of course, she’s only 16. She has plenty of potential, but she’s definitely not there yet.

    • Alexis

      Yeah i totally agree! She has potential, but nowhere close to an international artist. I prefer the original version of the song.

  • fatin shidqia lubis…. I love u,,

    by : imut

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Hmmm. I’m a little surprised that she could pull it off so well! I was like, “Whoa, no way that voice is hers! Is she lipsyncing??” at first!

    And she can’t speak English? She sings the song better than I would! o_O

  • FATIN is the best BRUNO MARS my favorite.

  • wah temen sekolahku itu ..

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