Pro-Jokowi-Basuki ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ Remix Goes Viral

CameoProject in their viral remix of One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful' in support of the 2012 Jowoki-Basuki campaign for Jakarta's gubernatorial elections.

As Jakarta’s upcoming gubernatorial election draws ever closer, an Indonesian parody remix of UK boy-band One Direction‘s smash hit single “What Makes You Beautiful” was recently posted on YouTube. Created by a group of young Indonesians men calling themselves CameoProject, the music video has gone viral accumulating over 870k views and 5.5k comments since August 25th, 2012.

The parody remix music video depicts common complaints and issues Jakarta residents have with their city that the Jokowi and Basuki campaign has pledged to address if elected. In addition to working “Jokowi and Basuki” into the song’s chorus, the singers also end up donning the same plaid shirts worn by the gubernatorial candidates they so vocally support.

From YouTube:

JOKOWI AND BASUKI – what makes you beautiful by one direction [PARODY]

This is not a campaign, but only the outpouring of a group of people who yearn for some positive changes in Jakarta … enjoy!

and yes, we did this voluntarily ….


The bell rang
in the morning.
I was still sleepy, so I closed my eyes again.
But suddenly, I remembered,
I must hurry,
I have an appointment to renew my ID card at the nearest district office.

I immediately jumped out of bed.
Got ready in a flash.

However, I was shocked to see
hundreds of people jamming the streets.
Motorcycles, cars, and even wagons all trying to pass each other
How come?
Ah ah
Which way should I go?

Why are there always traffic jams everywhere?
It’s been like this so long, why hasn’t it been solved.
I thought there’s a plan to build an MRT.
If only I knew,
Ih ih
I would have moved to Bali,
Ih ih
rather than being stuck in traffic at Semanggi
[a busy shopping district]

Th-three hours
I was on the road.
Finally arrived at the district office, feeling tired,
Super Tired.
And even more surprised when I saw the long queue.
My Jakarta, how could this be?
The queue seemed like an eternity.

I sat with thirty other people.
We fanned ourselves since it was humid.
Our sweat kept on pouring.
Ah ah
the administrative officer?

Finally a man came.
His face was fierce with a long mustache.
He said it will take another three months to finish.
Ah An
you give him some bribe money
Ah An
I didn’t have any extra money.

Du du du du where can I get some money?
I left it at home.
He said I should come back tomorrow then.
My jaw literally dropped.

My Jakarta, how can you be so cruel?
Traffic jams almost everyday.
Need to bribe money everywhere.
I need,
Uh uh
I need Mas Jokowi

I want the traffic jams in Jakarta to be resolved.
I want the slum conditions in Jakarta to be improved.
No more bribe payments to anyone.
I want,
Uh uh
Jokowi and Basuki

I want the flooding problems to be addressed.
No more corruption on our development budgets.
Poor people need to be looked after.
I want,
Uh uh
I want Mas Jokowi.
Ih ih
Also Mas Basuki.
Ih ih
Jokowi and Basuki.

'What Makes You Beautiful' Video Parody

'What Makes You Beautiful' Video Parody

Comments from YouTube:


Amazing! I’m touched by this video. Hilarious, fun!!! So creative, boss!! I like this!


7548 [likes] vs 82 [dislikes]… This will be the preview of the final vote results [for the Jakarta Governor Election] on 20th Sept. Haha.


This video is BRILLIANT!!!!!! Well Done! I’m becoming more convinced that Jakarta will move forward… at a rapid speed! Thank you guys! ;)


The lyrics are striking and sharp, the words represent the current views of Jakarta residents, and also mirror the current thoughts of most Indonesians …. Great, I like it!

Andriyas Yudhi:

Hopefully positive changes are gonna come. It’s not easy to change Jakarta.


Hopefully Jakarta will improve when Jokowi-Basuki become the new governor. We, Jakarta’s citizens, do not want more promises, we need proof! :D

An boren:

Creative .. We need creative people to build this nation. We should not be narrow-minded.


For leaders in Indonesia, please be aware that people are not stupid anymore. They can no longer be undermined and they want new changes!

Hasyim Asyari:

I support 100% .. This video illustrates the reality that people in Jakarta are experiencing every day .. Hopefully Jokowi can slowly make improvements in Jakarta.


This video is so mantap… Creative… Hope they [Jokowi-Basuki] can be the new governor.

Koimam Bilkissti :

I have watched this video many times, but still haven’t tired of it. Hahaha. Where’s your video, Foke [the current incumbent governor of Jakarta]?

Agung Widodo:

Campaign or not, I really like this video clip and its moral message. Good luck Jakarta… Good luck Indonesia…


Haha, funny… Although I can not vote, hopefully Jokowi-Basuki will win. It has been proven that the previous governor can only create multiple billboards, yet yield no results.


According to the latest news, PPATK [Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center] found that Jakarta has the highest corruption levels among provinces throughout Indonesia – at about 46.7%. Second is West Java, which is at 6%. What a total contrast to 0.1% in East Belitung Regent, where Ahok governed. Therefore, please take this info into consideration before voting. If you do not believe these stats, search it up yourself at


I searched for the original singer [One Direction] because of this video, yet I still prefer this version. Hehe.

The original “What Makes You Beautiful” music video by One Direction:

What do you think of the parody remixed music video?

Jokowi And Basuki

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