Indonesia 19th Dirtiest Country Worldwide, Netizen Reactions

River with Full of Garbage

From Viva:

Indonesia is the 19th Dirtiest Country in the World

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, is targeting that in 2015, there will be approximately 10.5 million foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. In Bali especially, the target will be about 4 million visitors.

This number is an increase of approximately 500,000 tourists compared to the visitors target for 2012, which is 3.5 million people. “Bear in mind that Bali already has everything for tourism and is known internationally” said Mari Elka in Bali, on Thursday April 12, 2012.

Mari revealed that the international assessment of Indonesian tourism is however still pretty bad.

Minister-of-Tourism-Indonesia, Marie-Eka-Pangestu

Marie Eka Pangestu, Indonesia Minister of Tourism

In terms of competitiveness in the tourism sector, Indonesia is ranked 74th out of 139 countries. Infrastructure-wise, Indonesia placed 90th. Cleanliness-wise, Indonesia is 120th. This means that Indonesia is the world’s 19th dirtiest country. “Our natural resources competitiveness is ranked 17th out of 139 countries,” said Mari.

Side Road Full of Garbage in Ancol, Jakarta

“I describe in detail these numbers here in order to get attention from the local government. The cleanliness of the airports and the streets are very important and should be given serious attention,” she explained.

Full of Litter on Railroad Side

Mari asked the governments of provinces, districts and cities in Indonesia to make crucial improvements in areas where Indonesia still lags behind other countries.


Indonesians living inside a city waste facility.

All of these are very important to support the tourism sector, which can increase the employment rate by seven percent. Tourism is also the 5th largest source of income for the nation, after mining, oil, coal, and other.

Comments from Kaskus:


We can’t deny this issue anymore. Our people are indeed still lacking awareness of sanitation!


Littering, spitting carelessly, cutting the queue and chewing with loud noise… are so typical of the average [Indonesian] person!


No need to blame the government, the citizens are the ones lacking awareness of hygiene.


So embarrassing eh… The majority of the country are Muslim which have the motto “Cleanliness is a part of your faith”… but the rank [in terms of hygiene] is so low…!


How is it not bad? People who live on the river side take a dump, wash clothes and litter garbage into the river.


Let’s start with ourselves and our family first, boss!


Our society only thinks about their own well-being instead of cleanliness!


How can they even think about throwing their garbage in its rightful place when they even don’t know what they’ll have to eat today!


We all already know about this!
Indonesia isn’t like the US/UK whose citizens know how to throw away garbage properly.


My city is so dirty but we still got the Adipura award [Environment Award for the most Clean City]!


Not that many people realize this, boss, since the level of education in our country is still pretty low. =(


In Singapore, you’ll get a fine or be put into jail, not only for littering but also for spitting!


Great! One more accomplishment for Indonesia!


Wow still so far eh!
Let’s keep up the good work so we can be ranked no. 1! :)


Hmmm… let’s follow Singapore’s good example!


The rules are not clear enugh!
Littering is prohibited and there’s laws and punishments for that, but I see lots of people litter right in front of the police station and yet nothing happens!

What do you think? Is Indonesia that dirty? 19th in the world? What can be done about it?

Garbage Litter on Ciliwung Riverside, Jakarta

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