Official Divorces Wife Via Text Message After 4-Day Marriage

Aceng in Press Conference

From CiriCara:

International Media Covers the Short-lived 4-Day Marriage of District Chief Aceng

The unregistered marriage of Garut’s District Chief Aceng HM Fikri to his wife Fany Oktora has attracted many people’s attention. This case has fascinated many people not only in Indonesia, but also worldwide. In addition, some international media has recently taken interest in the Garut’s District Chief scandal case.

One of the international media to have reported Aceng’s brief marriage scandal is CNN. The media, which has many viewers worldwide, was fascinated enough to report news on the Aceng’s scandal. In fact, CNN has reported the complete coverage of District Chief Aceng’s brief marriage. These include the exclusive stories from his wife, Fany, whom he divorced on the grounds that she was not a virgin, to the protests submitted by Fany’s family.

Aceng and Fani Oktora

CNN also highlighted President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)’s comments about Mr. Aceng and Fany’s case. In addition, CNN reported that Garut’s local legislative council will form a special committee to look into Mr. Aceng’s case. Besides CNN, British news agency, BBC, also reported their own version regarding Mr. Aceng’s scandal news. BBC’s report emphasized the protests from the Garut community over Mr. Aceng’s arrogance to divorce Fany Oktora after only 4 days of marriage. BBC wrote that some activists in Garut showed their protests by spitting on Aceng’s portrait and then burning it. This protest took place in front of the Garut Parliament Building.

Demonstration to protest Aceng

Meanwhile, both District Chief Aceng and Fany Oktora’s family have reached an agreement. After the arranged meeting in an Islamic boarding school, Aceng and Fany have agreed to reconcile and will not prolong the case anymore. Nevertheless, Aceng will still be questioned by Garut’s local legislative special committee. In addition, Aceng is also being accused of a Rp. 250 million [US$25,000] extortion attempt against Asep Rahmat Karunia Jaya, a candidate who failed to replace Dicky Chandra as the vice regent [vice district chief] of Garut.

Comments from Kaskus (1 & 2) and Detik:


How could there be such an immoral district chief?


It is so sad, boss, to see a community leader behaving like this!
I would be so embarrassed if I had a father like that. Let alone if he’s the district chief!


Just demote him to be the neighborhood chairman for his punishment!!.
I was so fed up when he said :
1. I’m very handsome
2. I’m the District Chief
3. I’m very rich
Hopefully God will make you poor so you’ll beg for mercy soon!


Nasty, married for only a short time then suddenly divorced via text message..

Fani Oktora Divorced via Text Message


Last night, he was being interviewed on TVOne [a local TV channel]. He sounds like a complete liar. Whatever his reasons are, he is still wrong. He should get an official marriage license if he wants to get married again.


I feel sorry for the Garut community to have such an unqualified leader…


If this human being is still going to be elected again in next local election then it means the voters are idiots!! For me as a woman, I feel so disrespected by this asshole! Does he think that all women are just personal property that he can easily buy and sell? This person doesn’t use his brain. What kind of leader is he?! I want to smack his head with elephant dung!


From any perspective, what he did is improper and wrong! [All of his behaviour] breaks standard norms, ethics, and religion.

Astika Sari:

A leader must be a role model instead of breaking the moral ethics!

Rizki Malik Ramadhan:

Aceng’s behaviour is really improper and also against the law. Aceng should never have acted like that, especially since he is a district chief.


“I was out of money almost 250 million rupiahs but only slept one night with her. Even if I were screwing Indonesia’s celebrities, they wouldn’t cost me that much!” said Aceng… WOW!


Aceng, you’re so corrupt, saying you have 250 million rupiahs [US$ 25.000] to sleep with Indonesia’s celebrities every night!… What an immoral bastard!


What makes me confused is he’s just a district chief but he acts as if 250 million rupiahs is just a small change to him (?).

What do you think? Is the international coverage deserved? What do you think of polygamy?

Indonesians Protesters Burning Aceng Personal Stuffs

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