25% of Huawei Indonesia Employees are Illegal Foreign Workers

Huawei Indonesia Workers Protesting Foreign Illegal Workers

From Detik:

1000 of Huawei Indonesia Employees are Illegal Foreign Workers

The number of foreign employees at Huawei Tech Investment was one of the triggers for the outbreak of worker demonstrations and protests. According to Huawei’s local union, there are at least 1,000 illegal employees who do not have a work permit working in this giant Chinese telecommunications company.

“Of 1,300 foreign employees in Huawei, at least 1,000 are illegal foreign workers from China. We have documentation as proof,” shouted Huawei’s employee union leader Krisnamurti Heru, who confirmed this allegation during the demonstration at BRI Building 2, Jakarta.

He also explained that these illegal expatriates are working only with the use of semi-permanent stay permits and tourist visas. “They think they are permitted to work if they have semi-permanent stay permits, but that’s not the case since it’s only a visa for visiting purposes. Thus, it is obvious that they are manipulating the situation here,” explained Heru.

Demonstration Protest in Huawei Indonesia to Eliminate Outsourcing

Huawei has about 4,000 employees working on various telecommunications projects throughout Indonesia. But unfortunately, out of these 2,500 local people, 70%-75% of these people are only contractors and part of outsourcing.

“This is what we’re still fighting for. There are lots of benefit gaps between the local and foreign employees. This demonstration is to put pressure on management to show them they’ll be helpless without their local employees,“ he said.

Comments from Kaskus:


How come thousands of them are staying here illegally without ever being noticed? Where do they live anyway?


I have worked for 1.1 years in Huawei. I received a contract extension without any salary increase and am currently still getting a fresh graduate’s salary. My food allowance was also cancelled after 5 months due to new rules from management. =(


It’s already good that there is a foreign company that wants to invest in Indonesia, yet their own workers still stage a demonstration protest. Just write down those workers’ names and fire all of them if that’s the case!


The scamming skill of Chinese mainlanders is the best, boss!


I’m an Indonesian-born Chinese but I don’t like Chinese Mainlanders… Some Indonesians are too dumb and are fooled by them over and over again… Lots of Indonesian Chinese have already had enough deceit…

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[Huawei] is indeed cheaper and their products look nicer [than more expensive modems]…


Who said the Indonesians’ skill are not comparable with the Chinese? Are you sure?


Hopefully, all illegal employees who will be deported are only guys.
So I can still enjoy my break talking to cute Chinese girls. =).


The Indonesia maids who work abroad still have higher salaries despite having lower skills. I think foreign companies should invest more in local workers so they can become more professional.


All companies from China including Huawei are like that.
But lots of people still want to work for Huawei so obviously they wouldn’t care if their current workers plan to resign.


They have demonstration protests since their skills are not comparable [with Huawei’s foreign employees].


This is a big slap to the Indonesian government’s face since they should protect the interest of their own citizens.


So why is Huawei still importing workers from China?
What’s wrong with our own local workers?

What do you think? Is this really about foreigners illegally working or about competition for jobs? What should be done?

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