Indonesian Student Brawls Becoming Increasingly Violent

Deni Januar Stabbed to Death

Deni Januar died on the scene after being stabbed to death in a student brawl in Jakarta.

From Merdeka:

M Nuh surprised after a student admitted being satisfied after killing

The Education and Cultural Minister, Muhammad Nuh, is planning to visit APU [initials], the person suspected of stabbing Deni Januar to death in Saharjo Street, South Jakarta. M Nuh admitted he was somewhat troubled upon hearing the suspect’s confession given that the suspect is currently still in high school.

“I was very surprised. I asked him if he satisfied after killing the victim and he answered ‘I’m satisfied, sir’. Who would not be surprised to get an answer like that, killing a person should not give satisfaction to anyone,” said M Nuh to reporters at the South Jakarta Police Station, Jakarta.

Nuh says the issue of student brawls is a very serious affair. This is not only a problem for schools, but it’s also becoming a social issue. Nuh confessed that he asked the suspect twice.

Stabbed to Death Student Suspect in Police Custody

Murder suspect APU in police custody.

“I asked him again, ‘do you really feel satisfied after killing him?’ ‘Yes, I’m very satisfied but rather sorry’,” said Nuh mimicking the suspect’s answer.

Deni Januar (17), a grade 12 student of Yayasan Karya 66 High School, Kampung Melayu, died after being stabbed several times by another student. This incident began when the victim, along with three other colleagues, was riding in Metromini 62 [public minibus]. When passing by Saharjo Street, a large number of students from Kartika Zenie School surrounded the victim’s Metromini.

The police has established a suspect with the initials APU as the perpetrator who stabbed Deni. APU is identified as a student from Kartika Zenie High School. APU is currently undergoing examination at Mapolres [Police headquarters] in South Jakarta.

Deni Januar Died on Street after Stabbed to Death

Deni Januar dead on the street after being stabbed to death

Comments from Kaskus (1 & 2), Yahoo! Indonesia and Tempo:


It’s better to kill a person than to be killed by tons of schoolwork.
I guess that’s how he thinks.


Satisfied, sir? Just shoot this kid to death..!


It’s touching yet heartbreaking at the same time..
What’s going on with this current generation?


What the hell, are you a human being or not? How could you feel satisfied after killing a person? I guess he thinks he’s currently playing GTA [Grand Theft Auto] video game.


He’ll be crying hard when he’s in jail later.


Such poor parenting! How could they educate their child to become like that?


Just smack him a bit then he’ll cry later. hahahahaha…


I’m sure many people [gangsters] would like to recruit him after he gets out of jail later. hahaha…


It’s terrible… he won’t have a bright future for sure…!


Enjoy the tusbol game in jail later… hahahaha….


Is it fair to give him a more lenient sentence based on his age? Especially given the fact that he shows no remorse in his answer.


I think there’s something wrong with our education system, boss!


Since he’s from a non-famous school, the police can catch him otherwise….[speechless]


Just draft him into the military service… since he is such a bad influence.

Students Brawl in East Jakarta

Young Indonesian schoolchildren participating in a brawl in East Jakarta.

Deadly Weapons Used for Students Brawl

Deadly weapons used by students in brawls in Indonesia.

Reporters Kicked by Students to Stop Them from Taking Pictures

Reporters being attacked by Indonesian students to stop them from taking photos.

All Students in Brawl Incident Brought to Police Station

Young Indonesian students involved in a brawl being taken to the police station.

Students Caught during Students Brawl in Police Station

What do you think? Do you have experience with school or youth violence? What can be done?

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