Little Boy Slapped By Teacher For Not Singing In Class

SDN 003 Tanjung Pinang

From Tribun News:

Primary Student Slapped By Teacher For Not Singing

Because he was unable to sing in front of the class, Ee (12), student of SDN 003 Tanjungpinang, received a harsh slap on the left cheek. This was done by Deni, his teacher who teaches the Grade 5 class. In addition to the slap, Ee’s face was also scribbled with markers.

Student Slapped By Teacher

This event was then told to Adi Jatir (33), the victim’s parent. Adi had tried to bring up this issue to his son’s homeroom teacher, but received no proper explanation. Infuriated by Deni’s attitude, Adi immediately reported this incident to the Tanjungpinang Police.

According to Adi, he became aware of this incident when he arrived at school to pick up his son. “I came here at 12:00pm, to pick him up after school,” said Adi.

At that time, Adi saw his son crying in the schoolyard. At first, he thought that his son was involved in a fight with his friends. However, he soon found out that his son was crying because he was slapped by his teacher for not being able to sing. “It would be normal if my son was involved in a fight since he is a boy but that wasn’t the cause. He was slapped by his guardian teacher.” said Adi when filing a report at the Tanjungpinang police station .

Out of curiosity, Adi brought this issue up when questioning his son’s guardian teacher. However, his homeroom teacher, Deni, was reluctant to answer questions from Adi. Deni then directed Adi to the school principal instead. “I was told to directly ask the head of the school, but I could not since he was in a meeting with other staff.” said Adi.

Feeling ignored, Adi immediately reported this incident to the authorities. “Instead of being angry and doing something that I might regret, I decided to report it to the police,” he concluded.

After making the complaint, Ee was immediately taken by his parent for a physical examination. In the report, Ee’s eye appeared swollen after crying. His face also looked pale and he had former graffiti marks on his forehead.

Primary School Students

Comments from Kaskus:


Even an Indonesian Idol‘s judge wouldn’t have done that.


Unbelievable, you get slapped for not being able to sing??? Even the mean Simon Cowell would not slap a person.


This teacher is too much! He should be patient in teaching students, not slapping them.


Why not ask him to stand in a field as punishment, instead of scribbling on his face with a marker? Do you think his face is a white board?


As usual, expected from a countryside teacher who moves to the city. Such an embarrassment.


I’m pretty sure the kid was slapped for reasons other than singing. Especially if this matter involves the school principal as well.


I can understand if the person slapped was a high school student, but wow, this one is just a primary school kid! If he made many singing mistakes, why don’t the teacher just fail his music art class grade?


Should have given the kid a proper punishment… It’s way too much if it involves a slap in the face.


His homeroom teacher is Deni??? Which Deni, DENNY INDRAYANA??? [Indonesian Deputy Minister of Justice and Human Rights]


I have never experienced this before, I was good at singing in primary school.


1 WORD: EXCESSIVE. Violence shouldn’t be used in this day and age!


What kind of song did the kid have to sing??? Nowadays, many children do not remember the lyrics to the national anthem. Yet if they are asked to sing Peterporn songs, they can even remember the guitar melody.


The teacher must be stressed out, should become a security guard instead.


An example of a teacher who should never be followed. Have him reported and let the law deal with him.

What do you think? What do you think happened? What do you think will happen now?

Slapped By Teacher

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