Malaysia Wants to Claim Songket Palembang from Indonesia

Songket Fashion Show in Palembang

Songket Fashion Show in Palembang

From Republika:

Malaysia Wants to Claim Palembang’s Songket

The representatives from Selangor State, Malaysia have visited Palembang, South Sumatra to express their wish to designate Songket Telepuk clothing motifs as the official traditional clothing of their country.

The Selangor’s representative for Worship and Heritage Affairs of Melayu Culture, Shafie Abubakar, said they had spent six years in researching the origin of Songket Telepuk motifs and its ornaments which turn out to be originally from Palembang.

“We’ve done very extensive research which includes visits to several areas in Riau. Apparently, Songket Telepuk motifs and its ornaments initially came from Palembang city,” he said.

Songket Wall Ornament in Indonesia Presidential Palace

Songket Wall Ornament in Indonesia Presidential Palace

All this time, the Selangor state would like to make Songket Telepuk motifs and its ornaments as the official dress of the Selangor State. However, as the first step, they need to approach the owner of the original fabric motif, specifically the Palembang’s craftsmen via its local city government.

He hopes that both parties will be able to sign a joint agreement between the Selangor State and the Palembang City Government to make Songket Telepuk motifs and its ornaments the official clothing of Malaysia.

According to Shafie, they would create similar clothing motifs to be worn as the official clothing of Selangor State once permitted.

Songket Palembang Exhibition in Malaysia National Textile Museum

Songket Palembang Exhibition in Malaysia National Textile Museum

The head of Culture and Tourism of Palembang, Thabrani, explains that further assessment is required to determine whether the Selangor State is permitted to use this motif and decoration as their official clothing.

Obviously, the coordination among the relevant parties should be finalized quickly to determine whether Selangor representatives’ requests can be approved. However, he added that in the near future, they will coordinate with other relevant government agencies to determine whether these motifs have already been patented.

If it hasn’t been patented, the Indonesian government has to verify its intellectual property rights first and will not be able to approve the Selangor State officials’ requests at this time.

Telepuk Motif is one of dozens of Songket motifs of Sultanate of Palembang Darussalam heritage, which is in the form of a unique flower. The crafts are usually made of silver fabric in the form unique flowers often used as decorations.

Comments from Kaskus:


OMG, is there no other clothing style over there?

Gawokireng: (replying to YoDawg)

They probably do not have their own culture over there.
All things including their flag, national anthem and even official clothing are all duplicated from other countries!


I think this might be better for the preservation of Songket Palembang since it’s neglected in our own country… =(


Why do they keep claiming Indonesian culture as their own? Aren’t there any other countries’ cultures that they can steal from?

Davintahara: (replying to Noenks)

Indonesia’s culture is fairly similar to Malaysia’s culture in many ways (Melayu).
If possible, we’ll lend the Songket Palembang to them but can we then claim the country of Malaysia as INDONESIA? +)

The Distinctive Songket Motifs From Palembang City


It’s so rare that Malaysia asks for permission these days. Usually, they’ll just go ahead and claim it. I guess Malaysia is now becoming more polite or afraid of us.


Initially they’ll ask for permission but sooner or later they’ll just claim it as their own!


Seems like Kaskuskers [Kaskus users] often skip reading the news and embrace rampant hatred..
Read it properly first… this is not a claim…
They just want to ask permission to use it [Songket Palembang] so that they can wear it there…
It’s even better since it’s appreciated by another country rather than being neglected by the owner…
When you hear about Malaysia, most of you are already too consumed with hatred =(


Malingsia always!
Yesterday, Prince William was given a Keris [Indonesia’s traditional dagger] by them.


May I ask for permission to claim the Petronas Towers also?
How dare you ask permission to claim other countries’ cultural heritages!

Songket Palembang Fashion in Traditional Wedding Event

Songket Palembang Motifs in Traditional Wedding Event


Please process the patent for Songket Telepuk motif first!


The Head of Culture and Tourism of Palembang is such a dumbass… STUPID..!
Just firmly reject them immediately, without even considering or coordinating with other agencies anywhere!!!
Just tell them, NO WAY!!!!


All of the commentators here are so stupid. They [Malaysia] want to buy it from us. It’s even better since it can be used for product promotion that SONGKET IS ORIGINALLY FROM INDONESIA. By the way, have any of these commentators ever purchased songket fabric before? There’s a good distribution channel to promote the product but it’s being prohibited by you guys. Are you guys planning to feed the songket craftsmen yourselves?


A copycat nation…!
It’s better if you Malingsia don’t wear any clothes at all! So retarded!


Do they want to claim our culture of corruption too? HAHAHAHHAA….

What do you think? Should Malaysia be permitted to use the Songket as their official dress? What’s behind Indonesians’ resentment of Malaysia?

Landmark Bridge Called Ampera in Palembang City

Landmark Bridge Called Ampera in Palembang City

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