Indonesians Paying for Motorcycle Racer Valentino Rossi’s Salary

Motorcycle racer Valentino Rossi on a Yamaha race bike.

From SindoNews:

Apparently, Valentino Rossi’s High Salary Is Paid By Indonesians

No one expects that Valentino Rossi’s comeback to Yamaha next season is not because of Ducati being less competitive. Reportedly, Rossi is very interested with Yamaha’s extremely tempting offer, which will be funded using sales revenue from Yamaha Indonesia.

Yamaha’s boss, Lin Jarvis, said that Yamaha Japan is currently experiencing a shortage of funds for the upcoming MotoGP racing event. Yamaha doesn’t want the World Champion title to be taken by its primary rival in the motorcycling industry, Honda.

“Yamaha Indonesia will play a crucial role in providing the major funding for getting Rossi to sign his contract agreement. Yamaha Indonesia has sold as many of 3,147,873 units in 2012. The total sales in Indonesia itself had surpassed the total sales of Yamaha worldwide during 2012,” said Jarvis as reported by

Based on the data released by Yamaha, it is not a secret anymore that Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI – Yamaha Indonesia) has now become Yamaha Japan’s biggest moneymaker. So it’s no surprise to see the tagline “Yamaha Semakin Terdepan [Yamaha Getting Ahead]” on the back of the YZR M1 [Rossi’s racing bike].


Yamaha Team with Valentino Rossi Revealed

YMKI’s motivation to co-fund Rossi’s contract is because of the huge potential of VR 46 Rossi as YMKI’s brand Ambassador for promotion. The current brand ambassador, Jorge Lorenzo, has not been effective enough to boost YMKI and Yamaha’s total unit sales in 2013.

2013-Yamaha-Duo Racers-Team-Rossi-and-Lorenzo

Comments from Kaskus:


It’s not only Rossi who likes Rupiah [Indonesia’s currency], I like Rupiah too =)


Wow Indonesians are so cool… The people who live here have lots of money, eh!


I thought they will use the Indonesian State Yearly Budget [to sponsor Rossi] instead. LOL…


India is able to manufacture its own motorbike, China as well (plus motorcycles are not allowed in big cities in China). Americans are too rich to simply ride on motorbikes… Therefore, Indonesia by default becomes the largest market for Japan’s motorcycles.


Wowww…. I feel so proud that I can contribute to Rossi’s salary..
However, shouldn’t Rossi’s salary be given to me instead? Rossi is much richer than me anyway. lol….


More motorcycle sales will likely cause traffic jams to worsen in big cities. Sigh….


So what’s the benefit for Indonesians???


This is an example of modern colonialism, boss!


Rossi is getting wealthier while Indonesians are getting poorer… =(


Why would we want to be the source of income for other countries?


Should I be impressed with this news then? We are just being used by the Japanese… Once again, Indonesians’ money are being exploited by the Japanese….


So when will motorcycles made in Indonesia become the bestsellers in their own country?


It’s better to use our money to pay for Rossi’s salary than give it away to the corrupt [government officials]!


Well…if that’s the case. then shouldn’t the [Yamaha] motorbike racer also be from Indonesia?

2013 Yamaha MotoGP Racers Team Promotional Video:

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