Indonesian Man Beaten To Death By Neighbours For Stealing $20

Angry Mobs In Indonesia

From Detik News:

Caught Stealing Rp 200,000 [USD $20], Yoyo Was Beaten To Death

Guy Gets Beaten Up

Jakarta vigilantism has occurred again in Tomang, West Jakarta. The victim named Yoyo (32) was beaten to death by his neighbors.

The incident happened on Friday (31st August 2012) at around 3:20 PM, when Yoyo was at the home of one of his neighbors named Tito.

“The victim was suspected of stealing money belonging to Tito’s parents, around Rp 200,000 [USD $20]. The victim was sought by the offender, who then attacked him at the scene,” said Kanit Criminal Police Tanjung Duren, AKP Budi Setyadi via text message to reporters on Friday (31st August 2012).

Tito was not alone. He brought three friends named Moris, Sharif and Anga to gang up on the victim at Tomang Tinggi, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta. In a battered condition, the victim was later abandoned at another place using a bajaj [auto rickshaw].

“The victim was then dumped beside Post RW08, Tomang, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta. Police immediately brought the victim to the Sumber Waras Hospital after receiving a report,” said Budi.

Due to his serious injuries, the victim later died at around 9:40 PM. Police later arrested the four perpetrators at each of their own residences.

“According to Section 4, Article 170 of the KUHP [Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana, Book of the Criminal Justice Act], offenders whose actions result in the loss of life of another person may face imprisonment for up to seven years,” said Budi.

Comments from Kaskus:


Someone who stole Rp 200,000 gets beaten, while another who stole Rp 200 million gets respect. This is why people need to study hard to be an official or tax officer in order to steal at least Rp 200 million.


Too bad for Yoyo. Hope he rests in peace.


The people who beat up the victim are stupid… They should have brought him to the authorities.


Why didn’t the neighbors just burn him to death?


This guy is so pitiful. Why is the world so unfair?

Mrjack [$]:

[He] has not been proven guilty, yet they still beat him up. What a crazy world.


So is there anyone who still thinks that Indonesians are friendly? I’m tired of reading news about vigilantism [in Indonesia].


Wow, seems like a person’s life has no value these days.


There was a more tragic story that happened in Central Java, boss. Someone stole Rp 25,000 [USD $2.50] and was beaten to death too… This is Indonesia.


Unbelievable, such a little amount of money can lead to an indiscriminate [murder]. If each person only beat him once, the victim might not have died.


If stealing Rp 200,000 will get you beaten, stealing Rp 200 million might get you buried alive, boss.


This is a direct result of people not having trust in the Indonesian Police.


This country is such a mess, boss


So horrible, a person’s life in Indonesia only worth that little, huh?

What do you think?

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