Villagers Increasingly Choosing to Become Professional Beggars


From Lensa Indonesia:

Visiting the “Beggar Village” of Grinting Village

Social Crisis in Brebes Community, Government Turns a Blind Eye

This news may illustrate a social phenomenon that happens in the midst our modern civilization. Hundreds of villagers from Grinting Brebes in Central Java choose to become beggars with the excuse that they couldn’t find jobs in their hometowns or lack the skills required. These villagers prefer to work as street beggars in big cities to reap fortune.

This despised job is becoming more popular and sought after by the villagers now, instead working as construction workers, rickshaw pullers, rice porters, or thousands of other jobs that are halal and are still very much available in Brebes. They prefer this practical and despised way of earning money. In fact, this begging job is already deep-rooted in this community and is even passed down to the next generation.


Our society is often fooled by their gloomy faces and their deceptions to make money. If you see or go to Grinting Village where they live, you will certainly marvel at the sight of their houses and the luxury items they have. The houses are actually very decent, and they also have motorcycles of various brands and types, sometimes even more than one.

Rasito alias Warsito alias Cungkring, a beggar from this village, when asked by LICOM shamelessly said that he enjoys working as a beggar more than any other works. “We like this type of work. No huge capital required but our income could provide for the whole family each month.”he said.


Rasito confesses that he can earn up to Rp 7 million each month begging in the city of Jakarta. Moreover, during times like this Ramadan, his minimum income can reach up to Rp 9 million in a month. Meanwhile, this social crisis in Brebes village hasn’t received any attention from the local government. In fact, the Brebes District Authorities seem to ignore the existence of this social phenomenon.

Dr. Atmo Tan Sidik, the Head of Public Relations in Brebes, when reached on his cell phone by LICOM, did not provide a statement regarding hundreds of villagers in Grinting choosing to become professional beggars.

Comments from Kaskus:


I haven’t given money to beggars since 2006. I know that all beggars and street singers who come to big cities are all bullshit, so they don’t need to be pitied. Who cares whether it’s for real or just a scam? There’s always a way when you want to work hard!


Well, just from begging they can earn Rp 6-7 million / month, they are quite successful eh!.


Actually they’re just a bunch of lazybums who want free money from begging… losers.


Begging isn’t a job… Basically they’re just being lazy!


I want to be a beggar too if I can earn Rp 6 million / month! hahaha…


So crazy! Even my salary is only Rp 1 million / month grrr….


These days, beggars are even picky, grumbling when I give them coins. Those street singers are just the same as beggars, when they don’t get money then they’ll force you to pay.



This is great! Sooner or later, there’ll be agents or companies which will coordinate these beggars.


This is outrageous! Their salaries are similar to those bachelor degrees.


Only in Jakarta they look so poor but in their village, they have multi-level houses lol…


Holy shit! 6 million per month… they can lease a Mercedes with that kind of income hahaha…


Oh my god… so sad, boss… the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider in our country.


Sacrificing their pride and dignity becoming beggars just to get lots of money… =(

What do you think? Is this a legitimate social trend? What can be done about it?


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