Jakarta Governor to Start ‘Great Sea Wall’ Mega Project ASAP

Indonesia Jakarta Giant Sea Wall project under construction.

The following article discusses the plan of Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to build a “Great Sea Wall” as part of building up the city and avoiding future flooding issues in Jakarta.

From Jawaban:

Jokowi wants to start building “Great Sea Wall” soon

Although the planning process for the Giant Sea Wall or giant embankment mega-project is very long, the Governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo (known usually by the name of Jokowi) will soon issue make a decision about its construction.

“It’s still in process and we will come to a decision as soon as possible,” said Jokowi at Jakarta City Hall.


Jokowi said that there are many technical issues that still have to be dealt with, “It is a matter of technical, environmental and economic considerations too. All in all, it is an ongoing process for us,” he said.

Although the Ministry for Public Works had planned for the construction of the Giant Sea Wall to begin in 2016, Jokowi calculated that the project could begin this year, after all considerations have been taken into account.

“Ah, eventually, yes, within months, this year (according to estimate). It won’t be long,” said Jokowi.

The Giant Sea Wall is one of the projects initiated by former governor of Jakarta Fauzi Bowo. The Giant Sea Wall will protect against tidal flooding and function as a fresh water reservoir. The construction of the project is estimated to cost Rp 150 trillion, with the involvement of the private sector.

It is hoped the construction of the Giant Sea Wall can being immediately so that the threat of flooding for Jakarta can be reduced immediately.

Flooding in Jakarta, a man pushes his motorcycle through flood waters.

Comments from Kaskus & Detik:


Hopefully this project will quickly materialize.


I hope that all can be completed without corruption [by the government].


The sooner the better!


Let’s all give support to Mr. Jokowi, hopefully this project will go smoothly.


Mr. Joko please stay focused!
The problem of flooding comes from the East Canal [canal in Jakarta]. Thus, the river needs to be made to flow normally again, the river needs to be dredged, the reservoirs have to be cleaned up.
If none of this is done then why should we start building a giant sea wall??
First focus on funds for the MRT [Jakarta mass transit system] and traffic congestion.

Flooding in Jakarta, motorcycles and trucks driving through flood waters.


Wow outrageous… the project is going to cost 150 Trillion!!


150 trillion is better used to buy a football club instead.


Hopefully this can be quickly realized.
Brothers! Let’s continue our fight against the continuing floods in Jakarta.
We all salute you Mr. Jokowi..!!


Hopefully his “subordinates” won’t be corrupt in his projects.

Giant Sea Wall Close View


Sooner or later, Jakarta will become the new Netherlands.

pamongs [$]:

Hopefully it will be built to completion
otherwise it’ll be a complete waste of money.


As long the construction progress is monitored closely by Mr. Governor then it’s ok. Hopefully, there aren’t any people [within the government] who will capitalize on this opportunity for personal gain.


Wishing Mr. Jokowi all the success!

What do you think of this project? Is it a feasible solution to combat the flooding issue in Jakarta?

Two Indonesian young women are pulled on a rickshaw through flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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