Maroon 5 Adam Levine’s Indonesian Maid Goes International

Indonesian Maid named Ani hired in Adam Levine Home in California

From Detik:

A Photo of Adam Levine and an Indonesian Maid Creates Frenzy

A celebrity named Adam Levine has created a huge buzz among social media users in Indonesia since yesterday. That is because of the circulation of a photo in which the Maroon 5 lead singer posed with an Indonesian woman whom he hired as his house maid.

The woman in the photo is named Ani and she comes from Indonesia. On the photo description, it was mentioned that Ani is a domestic worker employed by Adam.

Adam Levine Modern Design Kitchen

In the photo, both people were posing in a home kitchen. Both of them stood side by side, wore similar plaid shirts and smiled happily.

Adam Levine Kitchen Area

The kitchen at Adam’s home was once published by Architectural Digest. The spot where Adam and Ani took their photo was part of the kitchen which has a modern feel.

The photo has inevitably invited strong reactions from the Maroon 5 lead singer’s fans who are mostly women. Some of them even commented that they are willing to replace Ani’s position to ‘clean up’ in Adam’s house.

Twitter accounts of Maroon 5 fans in Indonesia were not far behind in commenting on the photo as well. “We are going to interview Miss Ani when she returns to Indonesia to ask her what it feels like to work with Adam Levine. * Seems like a happy place * ^ ^,” wrote @Maroon5INDO.

Comments from Kaskus:


Sooner or later, I’m sure that a profession as a maid will become more prestigious. Thus, you might need to have a bachelor degree to work as a maid overseas. hahaha…


I think working as a maid in the U.S. will earn you lots of money compared to here [Indonesia]… That’s why only rich people are able to hire maids over there…


So many people are jealous of you Miss!!! HAHAHAHA….


This is a job that you can be proud of!!! The salary must be similar with a managerial position in Indonesia. In addition, you can stay and live in the house for free. When you go back to Indonesia, I’m sure she’ll bring home tons of money. =)

Geblekpisan [reply to Pumbaa]:

Why should she feel so proud [for being a maid], Boss?? If there is an Indonesian who becomes the manager of Maroon 5, then he/she should be proud… !!!


She works there as a maid but when she comes back [to Indonesia], she’ll have her own maid. hehehehe…


There you go, the Indonesian mentality!


Miss Ani must had been selected through The Voice [Reality TV Show]. hihihihi…


OMG.. We’re so proud to become a maid exporter now…!


One more achievement for Indonesia! =(

Adam Levine Luxury Home in California


With the assumption that Adam Levine’s home is in California, Miss Ani’s salary is around $24.000 annually according to house maid salaries in California,.
Using today’s currency exchange rate of 1 US$ = Rp 9.690, it means that her salary is US$ 24.000 * Rp. 9.690 = Rp. 232.560.000/year or 19 million rupiah / month.


When she goes back to Indonesia, I’m sure her money will be ‘robbed’ by our customs and immigration officers…


What a wise choice [to go to US] since it’s better than working in Malaysia…


Wow… she and her whole family must be so proud! HAHAHAHAHA…


She’s so similar to Agnes for going international. hahaha…

What do you think? What’s the closest you’ve been to a celebrity?

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