‘TKI On Sale’ Maid Ad Posted in Malaysia Angers Indonesians

TKI On Sale Advertisement

From Detik:

BNP2TKI: Advertisement ‘TKI On Sale” in Malaysia Lowers Our Nation’s Dignity!

A leaflet with the headline ‘TKI [Indonesian Migrant Workers] On Sale’ caused an uproar among Indonesians. The Head of National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI), Jumhur Hidayat, assessed that the ad was offensive and degrading towards our nation’s dignity.

“We are looking for the agents because it is degrading to the dignity of our nation with such a sale notice,” said Jumhur to detik.com on Sunday night (October 28th, 2012).

Jumhur said that these fliers might prompt BNP2TKI to not send more Indonesia workers to Malaysia in the future. “It is possible that we will not put our workers there permanently after such an action,” said Jumhur firmly.

Jumhur criticized whichever party responsible in making and spreading the concerned leaflets. He added that the Indonesian government will also send a letter to Malaysia as a form of objection.

“We condemn it as a barbaric act since human dignity should be protected. I will submit a letter to the government of Malaysia to object,” concluded Jumhur.

Earlier, a photo ad offering maid service from Indonesia was taken by Migrant Care from the streets of Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. However, the service rate is offered at ridiculously low prices.

“Indonesian maids now on Sale. Fast and Easy application. Now your housework and cooking come easy. You can rest and relax. Deposit only RM 3,500 [USD$1,150], price RM 7,500 nett [USD$2,450]” wrote the ad.

The advertisement was then spread across the Chow Kit area, since many people use TKI [Indonesian Migrant Workers] services in Kuala Lumpur. The leaflets were either distributed to individuals or pasted in various locations.

Indonesian Workers In Action

Comments from Detik:

Beruang Teddyabout:

OUTRAGEOUS! Do you think Indonesians are like some storage goods? Such an insult to our nation’s dignity!


In my opinion, BNP2TKI should not only talk but also take action. This problem will not be solved by talking.

Youdhe Mongkauabout:

Hmm… Perhaps Indonesia will write a letter of protest and Malaysia will apologize… Then this cycle continues… letter, letter and more letters.


Do you really think Indonesians still have any dignity?

Bagus Hengkiabout:

The TKI [Indonesians Migrant Workers] are the stupid ones. Why do they choose Malingsia instead of New Zealand or Australia? Over there, the workers live comfortably, some even as permanent residents.


Malaysia always enjoys creating trouble. DEMON! They only know to hide under England’s protection.

Indonesian Domestic Workers

Comments from Kaskus:


Once again, Malaysians love to stir trouble. After multiple attempts to claims our culture, fights over football/soccer matches, now there’s something new that makes me mad towards them.


Whoa, our nation’s fate is so sad.


The Malaysians are way too much, how could they place a price on humans.


Wow. Offered at a 40% discount???


It seems like clothes being put on big sale.


We [Indonesians] are humiliated and have our entire nation lowered before them [Malaysians], while the Indonesian government can only sit back and enjoy the results of our TKI’s hard labor over there.

What do you think? Is the advertisement truly offensive or are Indonesians too sensitive?

Indonesian Maids

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