Indonesian Maid in Malaysia Caught Tossing Baby on Ground


From Merdeka:

Having Tortured Her Employer’s Baby, An Indonesia Worker in Malaysia is Sentenced to 20 years in Prison

The Kuantan Malaysian court has sentenced Yuliana, a housemaid from Indonesia, to 20 years of imprisonment for attempted murder and physical violence against her employer’s child.

As reported by New Straits Times on Tuesday (19/2), Mohd Azhar Othman, Kuantan Court Judge, has sentenced the 24-year-old maid to 15 years in prison for her first charge and five additional years for her second charge.


Yuliana was ruled guilty for the attempted murder and physical violence against Mohamed Mohamed Zamri Hareez, who is only four months old, in his parents’ house at Lorong Bukit Setongkol 38, Kuantan.

According to New Straits Times, Yuliana’s act of cruelty was caught by a CCTV surveillance camera. The father of the victim then reported her to the police and handed over the video tape to a local television station.

The surveillance video capturing Yuliana’s abuse of the baby:

4 Months-Old-Baby-Abused-by-Yuliana-

Indonesian and Malaysian Comments from YouTube and Facebook:


If you still think all Indonesians are always righteous and rich, then take them back from Malaysia to Indonesia!

Khairil izzat:

Indonesians are pigs and dog-shit…

Unable Read:

So cruel! My god, too sad to watch it. That’s why it’s probably better to take care of your own kid.

Verdy saputra:

She’s not human but Satan!


Are you guys [addressing certain Malaysian commenters] dimwitted? Not all Indonesians are bad people. There are lots of MALINGSHIT out there too. LOOK AT YOURSELVES IN THE MIRROR and think first before you make comments!!!!

Benny Sadhong:

No need to fight!! MALAYSIA isn’t always morally correct too so all of us need to introspect ourselves…


Yeah, [Yuliana] is sentenced 20 years in prison! Go to hell, Indonesians!

The mom, Nina Soraya in hospital with the abused baby


It is the wife’s responsibility to stay at home to take care of her kids and husband, instead of working to earn money. Is her husband unable to provide for her? Don’t insult other countries [Indonesia] for this particular case. I’m Malaysian but I don’t like to offend other countries for our own problem. Who asked the family to hire a maid that has mental problems? I feel sorry to all of you.

Zahara4361 [reply to Yahjoyah]:


Maunya happy:

I’m Indonesian. In my opinion, the maid’s cruel act is unforgivable. But if you [Malaysians] want to blame her action on all Indonesians then that’s up to you… =(

Mohamed Sharefudden Zainal Abidin:

Indonesians keep on referring to Malaysians as thieves but they are even more heartless than animals …


20 years in prison!!! DIEEE!

Ahmad syukran:

Indonesians are so poor, but they act like they’re “RICH”!


Moral of the story: You are better off taking care of your own kids once you conceive them…

What do you think? Of some people blaming the parents for not taking care of their own child and instead hiring others to do so?

Mohamed Mohamed Zamri Hareez-Baby-Sleeping-in-Hospital

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  • Nemo

    I have lots of experience with indonesian maids. Some of them are good, one ran away with her bangladeshi boyfriend, one kept taking her employers valuable stuff and post them back to indonesia etc. It is actually depends on the individual not indonesia as a whole that is why i am really pissed-off with judgemental indonesian/malaysian who keep blaming on each other. Like we dont have enough problem already.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      There’s always good and bad people in any race or group or… What exactly is new here?

  • Yangzhou Fried Rice

    Man, that video was tough to watch. 20-years is a long time, but abusing a four month old baby is despicable

  • fsck

    She should have done this in the UK, she would have only got 12 months. Man I wish the UK had the balls to have laws like this. Good on you

    • Chellbell

      I fucking agree.

  • ddd

    good, good, the malays and indons will kill each other in the future.

  • Kate

    As a mommy, that was absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking and 20 yrs isn’t long enough for that piece of sh*t monster.

  • ish

    this usually happens here in the states all the time, just recently a Russian Nanny was beating the shit out of a 5 month old kid(whose parents are also Russian), who was hired because they thought they could trust her, after the parents caught her, they called the police, they showed up to her home and arrested her, but even then she(The Nanny) put up a fight with the cops, now she is in Rikers Prison in New York City facing charges of Child Endangerment and Resisting Arrest

  • 20 years in jail…….so happy to hear tht,,,i saw the video and i cant control to cry,,,,,im pregnant now and having a baby soon…i was thinking how if my baby in that situation,,,im gonna kill that bitch……….

  • ed

    what an asshole,dont condemn all indonesians,if u do u are all idiots without balls…fuck the hell all of u who condemn a nation because of one person only…

    • joey

      Indonesians always wanna declare war against Malaysia, even if they were reading unverified news…this is f**king worrisome…Indonesians are angry at the whole world for calling them idiots, yet most of u do exhibit extreme, ridiculous stupidity, more so when the almost often false news are unethically created by Indonesians themselves, in particular, your print n electronic media…as a foreigner from the US, I find the people in your country extremely lowly educated, n until u guys r willing to accept that fact, and started to change, the whole world will keep laughing at u…by the way, don’t Indonesians know a Javanese warrior Sang Nila Utama was the one who first discovered Singapura…don’t u wanna invade Singapore then, n take back what’s “rightfully” yours? Do u even dare?

  • Viperov

    Fuckin koranimal piece of shite…. Wipe out the muslim pigs from the face of the earth… all of em.. fuck allah and piss be upon the pedophile prophet

  • Jack

    I am indonesian and my heart breaks after watching this video. I cant imagine how the parents feel. That maid should get a death sentence after finishing her 20 years jail sentence. I hope she will get all the tortures she deserve in jail.

    • joey

      I salute u Jack…it’s rare to find Indonesians whose views are as unbiased as yours when it comes to their country / countrymen…u must b a highly educated n a good hearted man :)

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