Singer Agnes Monica’s Raunchy Performance At Grammy Week


From Liputan 6:

Wow! Agnes Monica Dressed Sexy in Rehearsal for 2013 Grammy Awards

Young singer Agnes Monica has gone international again. During a Grammy Week event held in Los Angeles on Saturday night (9/2/2013), Agnes successfully created a frenzy amongst her fans in Indonesia.

Why not? Not only did she get attention by dressing up in a bra wrapped with a charming batik-pattern vest, Agnes Monica also displayed her funky style with hot-pants made of faded jeans material. Agnes also showcased a slick collaboration with Timbaland by performing one of his songs titled “Show a Little Love”.


Arguably, her loyal fans are extremely proud of her achievement. This music event was not only attended by Agnes, but also by top international musicians such as Justin Timberlake, who was rumored to be present.

“owhhhhh NICE !!!! so Justin Timberlake is also attending n performing at the event sharing the exact same stage with @agnezmo !!! *spazzing*,” wrote one fan on her personal Twitter account.


As widely known, Grammy Week is the dress rehearsal before the most prestigious Grammy Music Awards actually begin. The event is always under the media spotlight because it involves spectacular musicians worldwide.

Agnes Monica at Grammy Week:

Comments from Kaskus:


There are 2 ways to enjoy music: By listening and watching.


Wow…. bitchy!


Unreal.. Agnes’ boobs are becoming bigger everyday… what does she feed them??



A little over-the-top in terms of her appearance and dress style. She’s definitely not the type of singer who is elegant on stage.


Maybe the event’s theme is to become a slutty whore, boss.


It should be okay for Agnes to dress like that as long she’s outside of Indonesia.


Agnes is the BEST!


Nice vocals… big ambition… hard-worker… However, those pictures made her look like a fashion terrorist instead.


She has always behaved like that. Just wait for her next “shocking” news.


She tries way too hard to become an international artist.



Agnes is definitely much better than most people who only know how to complain and criticize.


Wow, I like the new Agnes less. The old Agnes is more simplistic and easy on the eyes.


Oh well, she’s only trying to create more attention for herself.


Luckily there is no FPI [Islamic Defenders Front] in America.

What do you think of Agnes Monica’s style? Trying too hard to gain international fame?


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  • Android

    So she wants to look bitchy now? So much for saying she was a good Christian girl…

  • Kate

    She is literally centimeters from crotch flashing everyone…..not classy. I don’t understand why some singers feel the need to flash people their butts, boobs, crotches, etc. If they’re truely good singers then there is no need to rely on overt sexuality to get noticed because their voice would be good enough.

    • Alexa

      Totally agree with you… Such a turn-off if singers dressed as if they are going to strip clubs.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Not everyone looks like Susan Boyle.

      • Kate

        And not everyone looks like a redneck trailor tramp humping on stage?

  • Those shorts are a crime. It’s not the early 90s anymore…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    To be honest…. I feel like if the internet comments are going to be like that, Agnes didn’t dress SKIMPY enough.

    I mean… those SHORTS. They’re like up to her belly button. Above it, even. I feel like she’s trying to play a “bad girl” public image here, but then panicked a little and compromised and wore those shorts to cover up a little bit more than what was planned…

    Just saying, the pants don’t match what people say. -_-

  • mamat

    i like her boobs

  • lee

    this girl is not good at all, all is fake she thinks she is the bomb…. she tells in indonesia she is international but she has no record sell to back that up… she will only be good for the underground hollywood s.x party’s ….. many bla bla bla indonesian showbizz also make many propaganda for her…. she even can not sell a hole stadium concert in indonesia but have to have also indo rock groups with that concert otherwise nobody comes and buy a ticket… overrated!!!!

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