Singer Syahrini Ridiculed for Misspelling ‘San Francisco’

Indonesian singer Syahrini in San Francisco with Golden Gate Bridge in background.

From Liputan6 Showbiz:

Misspelled a City name, Syahrini is Bullied on Twitter

Singer Syahrini has once again become the talk of many people. Not because of her achievements in the music world, but because of her behavior that often makes a lot of people eager to bully and make fun of this singer from Bogor, West Java.

This time, the singer of the song “Kau Yg Telah Memilih Aku (You Have Selected Me)” was ridiculed by many people for misspelling a city name in the state of California, United States, on her personal Twitter account, @PrincesSyahrini.

On her Twitter account, Syahrini, who is also often referred to as Rini, wrote “My day lovin Sun Francisco .. beautifull life,” on Monday, January 7, 2013, which was then captured by Showbiz.

Various sarcastic comments then began flowing towards the Twitter account of a singer who was once a duet partner of Anang Hermansyah [local singer]. Most of them poked fun at Syahrini for misspelling the name of the city of San Francisco.

“Wahahahaha Sun oh Sun ..” joked account @arshy_chandra.

“I’ve never been to America but still not as clueless as her,” said account @Rendraaaa while mentioning Rini.

“Out of the Sun Francisco then to Lost Angles, miss @PrincesSyahrini is lost and she won’t be back to Indonesia!,” joked account @tiwtiwi90.

Aware of becoming the trending joke on Twitter, Syahrini finally rectified her error by writing “Hi people, I’m still vacationing in San Francisco and found Marie Regal [a brand of biscuit] here .. They have been made Halal and can be purchased in the USA.”


Twitter @PrincessSyahrini

Comments from Kaskus:


Haha. Was it spelled wrong accidentally or does she truly not know?


Understandable, boss. She is a country bumpkin who is traveling overseas.


Wow, such a simple mistake yet it creates a huge uproar. Seems like everything is now scrutinized.


She’s probably immune to all the jokes and ridicule since her face is full of powder [make-up].

Indonesian Artist, Syahrini


Lost Angles. LOL.


She is so tacky.


Awwww, she’s on holiday at Kalipornia [California]? HAHA.


So stupid yet she acts like she knows everything. Shameless.


She’s always looking to cause a sensation… I’m tired of listening to her news.

Syahrini At Press Conference


She wanted to show off, yet became a joke instead.
You can be tacky, as long it’s not way over the top, miss!


I wonder what her Geography grade was back in school.


Sun? From letter A to U, is it an accidental typo or not???


[Not only on Twitter] She’s also being bullied here on Kaskus…

What do you think? Are Indonesian netizens being too harsh on her?

Syahrini in San Fransisco

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