Indonesians Protest and Riot Over ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Film

Rioters Throw Molotov Bomb to Polices

From JawaPos:

Protests in Front of U.S. Embassy Turned into Violent Riots

Protests conducted by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) in front of the U.S. Embassy suddenly turned into riots. In this incident, the protesters denounced the film “Innocence of Muslims” by an American-born Israeli which was deemed to be insulting the Muslim Prophet.

The incident began around 2:30 pm when the crowds tried to approach the U.S. Embassy. The crowd was about 100 yards from the U.S. Embassy shouting and trying to reach the front gate of the U.S. Embassy.

To hold off the FPI mob, police numbering approximately 200 officers released tear gas into the crowd. Police forces also immediately prepared mobile water cannons and barracuda [an armored tactical vehicle].

Rioters Throwing Molotov Bomb

The mob however retaliated against the tear gas by throwing brick stones. One of the brick stones hit a police officer, who was then rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

Currently, the mob protests were confined in front of the Jakarta city hall and both sides of Medan Merdeka Selatan Street had to be closed. The mass has also burned three used tires in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, thousands of police officers now have been deployed at the site.

Videos of the Muslim protests and riots outside the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia:

“Innocence of Muslims” Film from YouTube:

Comments from Kaskus:


I think it’s better if all the members of these organizations are documented and then sent to Gaza for Jihad using shipping containers so they won’t be able to make trouble in Indonesia anymore.


What does FPI want now? The movie director already gave himself up to the police anyway.

Mulan_jamidong: (replying to Talbis)

FPI just wants the movie director to be beheaded and the U.S. to sincerely apologize to Muslims around the world =|


They [FPI] are just being emotional, boss, since their prophet was insulted so let’s just be more understanding… Fortunately, the [Indonesia’s] U.S. Ambassador isn’t dead LOL….


If given 2 choices:
1. Capture and disband the FPI.
2. Go to war with USA.

Which one do you think SBY [the current Indonesian President] will choose? Hahahaha…



Muslims in other countries are also protesting right now in front of [U.S.] embassies, so Indonesia might as well take part in this trend hahaha….


The person who created the movie was an Egyptian, so why not protest at the Egyptian Embassy also?


If you want to riot then don’t do it in your country! Don’t you feel ashamed since it’s like peeing under your own dinner table?
Just go abroad next time, like Malaysia! Hehehe….


When protesting, everyone looks so thrilled to do it.
When praying time, do they still even show up at the daily dawn prayer?


Ugh, please don’t debate about religions, etc. again.
Why is this nation so easily divided over such trivial matter?
It’ll only make our ‘neighbor’ country [Malaysia] happy.

Rioter Yelling and Burning Tires to Protest the Anti-Muslim Film


So when will the war begin?? Americans were killed, Jews were blamed and MUSLIMS have lots of backing from everywhere…


Why don`t we just go to war? US military ships are already in Libya so they can stop by in Indonesia also… My school will be closed if the whole country is in a state of emergency =)


Keep it up FPI… eliminate all of Islam’s enemies!


Why are there demonstrations almost every day, boss? Also, most of the time riots will happen. =(


Even a Hollywood movie such as Da Vinci Code didn’t get such a nasty reaction as this. All of these violent acts in the name of the religion are just degrading the sanctity of the religion itself!

What do you think? Should the U.S apologize for this “Innocence of Muslim” film to avoid more problems with Muslims worldwide? Should YouTube have blocked the video from certain countries?

Rioters so upset so They Are Burning American Flag to Protest the Anti Muslim Film

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