‘Anonymous’ Hackers Declare War On Indonesia’s Government

Jembar Hacker Team Deface SBY's Site

From Kompas:

Anonymous Hackers Attacked Several Indonesia Government Websites

The arrest of the hacker responsible for attacking President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s (SBY) official website, www.presidensby.info, by the Cyber Crime Police Team has provoked a leading international hacker group named Anonymous.

They have declared war against the Republic of Indonesia Government by planning to sabotage all sites that have the “go.id” domain. Several government sites have been compromised and the group’s main target is to paralyze the President’s website again.

From Tuesday night [30 January] to Wednesday morning, no less than seven domains were shut down with some sites having been defaced with warning messages. The affected websites include multiple sub-domains on the Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition website, Indonesia Statistics Agency, Indonesia Embassy in Tashkent, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and even Indonesia.go.id.

Anonymous Hacker Deface Other Government Sites

“Government of Indonesia, you cannott arrest an idea. NO ARMY CAN STOP US #Anonymous #OpFreeWildan #FreeAnon,” read a statement on the hacker group’s Twitter account.

Wildan is the name of the hacker responsible for the attack on President SBY’s official website. The Cyber Crime Team previously arrested a man with the initials WYA (20) who is a resident from Jember, East Java. He has now been transferred to Jakarta.

“It is true that WYA is under arrest at police headquarters,” said Jayadi, Jember’s Police Chief Senior Commissioner, as quoted by Antara.

He is a vocational high school graduate (SMK) who has worked as an internet cafe operator and a computer technician at a café located on Lt. Suprapto Street, Jember for two years.

On 9 January 2013, the Presidensby.info site which provides information on the activities of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was attacked by a group calling itself the “Jemberhacker Team”.

When the site was hacked, the page displayed a black background with “Hacked by MJL007 in green text at the top and a logo with “Jemberhacker Team” in white text below.

Anonymous Indonesia Warning Videos on YouTube:

Comments from Kaskus and Kompas:


Wow… that [Anonymous] hacker is so scary….


What else do they want to hack in Indonesia, boss? Even the immoral public officials have already hacked the public’s money [corruption].


The Indonesian government is so stupid because they only condemn these hackers to jail!!! It is different overseas where the governments will employ them as government staff to utilize their expertise for the nation’s advancement!!!

Police Website Hacked By Anonymous Group


Corrupt officials are usually only given 5 years prison sentence, with further possibilities of sentence reduction… Whereas Wildan was given a longer sentence of 12 years… This is why I actually support this Anonymous group!


Only a vocational high school graduate and he can do such things… Cool… His IT skills must be comparable with foreigners!


In reality, Wildan didn’t hack the site, only bypassed the site’s DNS and forwarded it to another site. Thus, it shouldn’t affect the security of the information on SBY’s site… for example: you can type kaskus.co.id but instead be directed to facebook.com +(


The Indonesian government is so ungrateful.. This [hacking] was done for the government to find potential security issues on their sites.


I want to learn hacking from Anonymous too ;)


Wow, this scenario is similar to the movie Die Hard 4 … government vs hacker

Anonymous Legion Worldwide


Serves you right [referring to the government]! That is what happens when everyone in the government is gaptek!


Why bother hacking since there is no important information on SBY website…


If I were the president, I’d hire that hacker to be my Minister [of technology]!


Who told him to hack our own president’s website? Why can’t he hack the sites of Indonesia’s enemies instead…


As far as I’m aware, our government website is poorly maintained and not up-to-date anyways. The government is so lebay!

Anonymous Group Profile Picture

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