Government Officials Claim Exemption from ‘No Smoking’ Rule

Indonesians smoking in No Smoking zones

From Kompas:

Smoking Ban Does Not Apply To Parliament Board Members

The ban on smoking in Makassar Parliament Office is apparently not strictly enforced. A number of its own Council members chose to break this rule by smoking inside a meeting room despite having a “No Smoking Zone” sticker posted.

Eight members of its Council, namely Haeruddin Hafied (Democratic Party), A Endre Cecep Lantara (Democratic Party), Nuryanto G Liwang (the Democratic Party), Rafiuddin Kasude (Golkar), Yusuf Gunco (Golkar), Hamzah Dorahing (Unity faction Conscience), Hasanuddin Leo (National Democratic faction), and Mujiburrahman (National Democratic Faction), were spotted smoking inside the Budget Agency Meeting room.

They were smoking during the Makassar 2013 budget discussion meeting. What is the excuse given by these people’s representatives for going against the rules? “The rule (the smoking ban) was created by the Department of Health and does not apply here. It should not matter because everything is in order,” explained Nuryanto as he looked at smoking ban sticker.

A puff of smoke came out from the mouth and nose of these eight Council members. A complete pack of cigarettes and matches are seen laying in front of them.

Government Officials Caught Smoking

Comments from Kompas:

Alpha Fitra:

Hope these people who claim to be the people’s representatives will die soon… F**k..

Soffan Miftahul Ulum:

Record their names and put them into a blacklist. Let’s make sure they won’t be elected again!


Stupid government officials!!! These people are the nation’s scumbags!!! We need to get rid of these useless people…

Arumi Yoruba:

Well, if they can disregard such a small rule, I wouldn’t be surprised if they think corruption is also acceptable.

tary irawan:

Eh, this is actually good news. They might die soon from inhaling the cigarette smoke together…

Officials Caught Smoking


Shucks, even government officials don’t set good examples… They must be proud of violating the law.

Kang Asep:

They are used to breaking the rules, that’s why…


No wonder this nation does not move forward… those who created the laws can’t even read…

Will Judge You:

Inhale that cigarettes smoke, let’s see how your life turns out 10 years in the future.


Should have taken a photo of them when smoking and published it for the public to see. So we would know who they are.

haji boy:

They are acting like kindergarten children who are not able to read. Or they are simply undisciplined, thick-skinned, have no shame, and are a bunch of jerks.

anak indonesia:

DPS/DPRD Councilors = Market Hooligans!!

Petromax Plus:

That’s normal… Those animals won’t understand human language.

What do you think? Should government officials be given an exception to ‘no smoking’ rule? What ordinary rules and laws could you accept government officials being exempt from?

Smoke and Cigarettes

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