‘Harlem Shake’ Fever Reaches Indonesia, Videos and Reactions

Harlem Shake XM Gravity

From Kaskus:

Harlem Shake Dance taking the world by storm

The currently popular Harlem Shake is becoming a threat to the popularity of Gangnam Style on YouTube. Is this new dance going to be as popular as Gangnam Style? One difference between them is the Harlem Shake dancer always uses a helmet or other mask.

The Harlem Shake dance actually originates in 1981, and was once popular in 2011. However, it is now becoming popular again due to hilarious videos posted on YouTube. TheSunnyCoastSkate and Filthy Frank were the ones who started this trend. TheSunnyCoastSkate’s video shows a man dancing alone during the song intro, and everyone else danced only when the bass drops. The most interesting part is, all the dancers wore funny costumes and showcased unusual dance moves.

Nowadays, more Indonesians are starting to upload their own Harlem Shake video. Advertising agencies in Jakarta such as ThinkWeb, XMGravity and Exo Digital are some examples. However, the most memorable clip is the following video which was the first Harlem Shake video ever created in Indonesia.

More Harlem Shake Videos:

Kaskus Office:

XM Gravity:

Rolling Stone Indonesia:

Comments from Kaskus:


WTH… What kind of dance move is that, Boss?

rizal wirawan:

Is this dance ever gonna beat Gangman Style’s popularity?


This dance is booming. Nowadays, YouTube is full with these kind of videos.


When you are doing Harlem Shake, be careful of thieves lurking in the background.

Harlem Shake (Rolling Stone Indonesia)


The one from Indonesia is top-notch! Hilarious!


This is worse than Gangnam Style in my opinion. The Harlem Shake dance moves are so disorganized.


I literally laughed out loud while watching these videos. Let’s organize a flash mob too!


The dance looks similar to people having epileptic seizures.


It can be concluded that after another year, more people are becoming weirder.


Bye bye Gangnam. Welcome Harlem Shake!

Harlem Shake (Rolling Stone Indonesia)


WOW! People’s taste in dance is decreasing. How can this sort of dance become popular?


Nowadays, this dance is widely discussed on Twitter too. This dance move is so exaggerated.


While Gangnam Style makes one person look crazy, Harlem Shake manages to make everyone involved look crazier…

What do you think of the Harlem Shake trend?

Harlem Shake Indonesia

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