Female Bus Driver Honks at Stalled Car, Gets Window Smashed

Marlinda, a Transjakarta bus driver who suffered injuries to her face following an argument with a motorist.

From Liputan 6:

Broken Down in Bus Lane, Nissan March Driver Assaults Transjakarta Driver

A tragic incident happened to Marlinda, a woman who works as a Transjakarta bus driver. As a result of honking at a Nissan March that had broken down in the bus lane, the glass window of her bus was shattered and Marlinda sustained a serious injury on the right side of her face.

The broken driver's side window of the Transjakarta bus.

The incident began when the driver of a Nissan March with plate number B 1468 BOT was changing a tire in the bus lane. His car blocked the route of Marlinda’s TransJakarta IX with plate number is B 7250 IV, which goes from Pinang Ranti to Pluit.

Both drivers were then seen arguing with each other. All of a sudden, the Nissan driver became very angry and broke the Transjakarta bus’ glass window with a wheel wrench.

Nissan driver changing his car's tire.

Juhri, a witness, said the Nissan driver was first splashed with water by the Transjakarta driver. So he got angry and broke the bus window. “Splashed with water by the bus driver,” stated Juhri at the scene, S Parman Street, West Jakarta, Monday (8/4/2013)

Another witness, Gatot, said the Transjakarta bus driver took many insults from the Nissan driver. “Arguing with each other, the bus driver was told that she was stressed out and then struck with a wheel wrench,” he said.

The Nissan driver who attacked a female bus driver in Jakarta.

As a result of the incident, Marlinda suffered cuts to her face from the broken glass. She was rushed to a clinic in the West Jakarta Police Office for medical attention.

Meanwhile, the Nissan March driver, whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet, was brought to the West Jakarta Police Office. The police also secured the wheel wrench as evidence.

Comments from Kaskus :


I’m curious to see the Nissan driver’s face, gan. Are there any photo of him?
He’d only be this daring towards women!

lazionisti :

The Nissan driver must be a government official or the child of an official…


What a brave woman.


Damn, let’s soak him with gasoline!

faiga235 :

Should be whipped/caned as punishment.

dientzrasta :

Another Nissan? This car often causes trouble.

triak :

Needs to be splashed by water to calm down.

Ndorone :

I’m sure the Nissan driver is an unstable man.. perharps he is an OKB (nouveau riche man].


If the Nissan driver is married, I’m sure he often beats his wife.

vidzstoree :

Wow, a sissy who dares to hit women.

hbhbhb2008 :

He’s not an ordinary driver.. he must be a rich man who has enough money to buy the law.

h0p :

Was he drunk or stressed out? He should have known that he’s at fault yet he was still angry.


Let’s hope this man who assaulted the bus driver will get his retribution one day. If I meet this Nissan driver, I’ll throw stones at his car.

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