Indonesian Doctors Earn Half As Much as Jakarta Bus Drivers

Pediatrician Specialist Doctors

From Kompas and JPNN:

Doctors’ Salaries Half Of Bus Drivers’ Salaries

Criticism and insults are often directed at doctors. In addition, no appreciation is given to doctors who serve in remote areas. Such treatment is motivating the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) to push for a balance on these issues.

One of the IDI members named Professor Zubairi Djoerban explained that a new doctor only earns between 2 million Rupiah [US$200] to 3 million Rupiah [US$300] per month. “This amount is only half that of a [Jakarta] bus driver’s salary,” he told reporters in a press conference in Jakarta.

Nevertheless, there are many doctors who don’t uphold the traditional noble oath of medicine. This has created a lot of criticism of and even insults at this profession. “There were times when some doctors made mistakes, but not all doctors do it. Therefore, please do not generalize all doctors as the same,” he said.

During the same event, Zaenal Abidin, the Chairman Board of IDI, claimed that the medical system in Indonesia is still not at its best. Therefore, the system might affects the performance of our doctors. “No matter how good our doctors are, they will not be able perform to their fullest with a bad medical system,” he said.

Comments from Kaskus (1 & 2):


Perhaps he’s only referring to doctors’ base salary which does not include retirement funds, earnings from private practice and commissions from pharmaceutical sales.


Please show me where to find a poor doctor since I have never seen one before.
It is weird that there are lots of “rich people” who act as if they are poor in Indonesia. Is there a standard gauge of wealth? Human beings will never feel satisfied no matter what.


I have never heard of doctors not being wealthy. I think doctors are the ones who made other people become poorer. These bastards are more crooked than the police.


It doesn’t matter how expensive the doctor’s fee is since I have the Jakarta Health Card! =)


Dear doctors, don’t worry too much about financial rewards.
God isn’t blind. If you guys work hard and are fully committed [to patients]
then I’m sure that God will always help you!


All of them need to remember why they became doctors. Your purpose should be to help others and not to earn lots of money!


Who asked them to become doctors then? Stop complaining like construction workers… Even midwives in small village can get rich too!


When most Indonesian kids were asked what they would like to be when they grow up, I’m sure most of them will answer “I Want to be a doctor!”. Yet now ….

Syahda90 [reply to Dipo14]:

I think most kids these days would want to be in a boy/girl band instead!


Well, doctors can still earn more income by doing side jobs from working at hospitals or opening their own practice at home…


If you want to earn a high salary then you shouldn’t have worked in government hospitals but at private hospitals with more benefits… It’s sad to only earn a 3 million Rupiah salary considering you have paid tons of money for medical school… Even laborers who never go to school can earn 2 million Rupiah!


These doctors shouldn’t complain since they are still at a junior level. Once you become a specialist, you will earn much more.
If you are jealous of those bus drivers, then go change your profession.


Some Indonesians are still big believers in supernatural stuff, Boss. No wonder some of them don’t trust doctors!

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