Indonesia Launches First ‘Ladies Only’ Train in Jakarta

Jakarta's Ladies-Only Train

From Kompas:

Wow, Ladies-only Train Is So Spacious

A series of women-only trains was in operation starting on Monday (01/10/2012) for Bogor-Jakarta and Bogor-Jatinegara destinations. A total of eight train cars were allocated for female passengers and their children.

According to Kompas’ report, the first ladies-only train ever operated was train KLB 5381 for the Bogor-Jakarta route which departed at 6:30 AM from Bogor and scheduled to arrive at 7:55 AM. Based on a report from the University of Indonesia (UI) station, this train decorated with “Ladies Only” signs arrived in the station at 7.03 AM, five minutes late from the scheduled arrival time.

Jakarta's Ladies-Only Train

Compared to other economy trains or the commuter line train before it, this train was only moderately filled with passengers. Female passengers did not have to jostle as compared to riding on regular trains in the morning, which are usually super crowded. This scene greatly contrasted with the situation in the economy or commuter line trains that departed earlier. Those trains were filled to the brim with passengers, their doors unable to close due to desperate passengers packed by the doors.

On the economic train, some “atapers” [people sitting on a train’s rooftop] were even spotted sitting near the high voltage power cables. The female passengers who boarded this special train admitted their relief.

Jakarta's Ladies-Only Train

“So nice, the train is totally empty. I can stand up comfortably,” said Ati, the secretary of the Minister of Forestry.

Ati admitted that she usually rides the co-ed commuter line train everyday. According to her, the availability of women-only carriages (carriage 1 and 8) was not enough to accommodate the high number of female passengers who use this mode of transportation.

“Therefore, with the introduction of ladies-only trains, more space will be available for women as all the carriages are allocated for them,” Ati said.

The following is the timetable of these ladies-only trains, which are valid except during public and national holidays:

1. KLB 5381 departs Bogor 06.30 arrives Jakarta City 07.55
2. KLB 5382 departs Jakarta City 08.07 arrives Bogor 09.31
3. 487 departs Bogor 10.05 arrives Jakarta City 11.27
4. 488 departs Jakarta City 11.38 arrives Bogor 13.00
5. 533 departs Bogor 13.14 arrives Jakarta City 14.36
6. 534 departs Jakarta City 14.47 arrives Bogor 16.09
7. KLB 5383/5384 departs Bogor 16.38 arrives Jatinegara 16.31
8. KLB 5385/5386 departs Jatinegara 18.36 arrives Bogor 20.37

Advertisement of Jakarta's Ladies-Only Train Service

Advertisement promoting the launch of Jakarta’s Ladies-Only train service, which started October 1, 2012

Comments from Kaskus:


During rush hour, some guys could be seen entering women-only designated carriages. Do you really think these men will not enter the special women-only trains?


Unfair, when can we see the introduction of male-only trains?


What would people do if a guy sneaks onto the train?


That’s good since at least the government is concerned with safety and comfort issues in our public transportation system. They should consider adding ladies-only buses…


If theft occurs, the robber must be a girl this time.


We shall see… how long will this new train service last?


Congratulations to all the women in the cities…


Wow, a picture was taken this morning… and it turned out that the train was still equally crowded.


It’s nice to designate a special train for men and women, but how about the transgenders?


This is good, hopefully there will be no further reports of molestation.


If there’s any harassment, I’m sure the perpetrator is a lesbian. Hehe.

Capt.Killer [$]:

This train service will probably only last for 3 weeks, men would start to enter these special trains when given the opportunity.

What do you think? Is the introduction of women-only trains a good idea or does it promote discrimination?

Jakarta's Ladies-Only Train

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