Indonesian Maid Squeezed Into Car Trunk by Saudi Arabian Employer

Indonesian maid sat at the back of her employer car like slave in Saudi

From Republika:

Picture of An Indonesian Worker in Saudi Arabia Causes Huge Controversy

The publication of a racist picture, showing a Saudi Arabian citizen who ordered his maid to sit at the back of his car amongst a pile of other stuff, has caused great controversy.

Al-Alam reported that social networks and numerous sites in Saudi Arabia have posted this picture of a Southeast Asian maid who sat in the back of a car belonging to her employer. The worst part is, she sat amongst a pile of goods owned by her employer.

Human rights organizations have reported a wide range of racist and sadistic behaviors coming from Saudi Arabian employers to their maids, especially towards women.

Comments from Kaskus:


Sigh.. I could not stomach seeing her sad face =(


They [Saudi Arabian employers] are indeed lacking in humanity!


Holy s**t… All of us should be treated equally as humans, right?


So is it normal to place her at the back of the car when there is not enough space? GGGRRR…


It’s so tragic for those who come from developing countries =(


Do all maids still want to work there [in Saudi Arabia]??


The camel culture has always been like that since the beginning. Slaves are treated like animals!


Some Arabians are really cruel, but let’s not generalize all Arabs to be like that ..


Gosh, you guys should know that the status of women is considered very low in Arabian culture. It is even worse in this case since this women is a maid. It is ironic that the Indonesian government is so proud when they are the ones who sent off these maids to Saudi Arabia.


Even in Malaysia and Hong Kong, there are signs which read ‘Indonesian Maid for Sale’.. So dumbstruck!


Indonesia is often considered a poor country [by other nations], but even worse the Indonesians are also agreeing with this notion…


So are there other Indonesian workers who still want to go to Saudi Arabia after they are insulted like that?


Isn’t the front seat beside the driver available??


Stop sending Indonesian workers to Saudi Arabia. It’s about time the Indonesian government create job opportunities here. Can they do it? =)


Many Indonesians are still competing to become Saudi Arabians’ dogs [slaves] =)


The Arabs are so barbaric and act as if they are still living in the era of slavery. GGGRRR


HEYYYY!! Does your God allow you to do that???? All of you [the Arabs] are a bunch of ASSHOLES!

Some images of the abuse and violence against Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia:

An Indonesian maid's scars from abuse hurt by her employer in Saudi Arabia.

Indonesian maid Keni Binti Carda was burned and forced to eat excrement by her Saudi Arabian employer.

Indonesian Maid Sumiati Binti Salan Mustapa was viciously abused by her Saudi Arabian employers.

Maid called Ruyati beheaded in Saudi

Indonesia Maid called Ruyati beheaded in Saudi

Protest to stop violence against Indonesian workers in Saudi Arabia.

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