Money Changer Magic Tricks To Steal Money From Bali Tourists

Indonesia money changer, no "commition".

Another viral video filmed by Dutch tourist Van Der Spek causes more controversy and portrays Bali tourism in a negative light. After posting the corrupt policeman video, Van Der Spek now documents the practice of several corrupt Bali moneychangers in Kuta. The money changer attendants could be seen stealing several currency notes while counting the money during the exchange transactions. One attendant even demonstrated to the Dutchman the “magic trick” he used after being confronted by him.

Comments from YouTube:


For people who were offended: Do not worry as this video isn’t meant to defame Bali but to provide tips for other Dutch tourists who often travel around the world…


Geezz… this video will terrify other tourists who would like to visit Bali! =(

Paul Taylor:

Van De Spek should be blacklisted so he can’t visit Bali anymore!

Sunandi Pratama:

I feel ashamed to be an Indonesian!

Komang Sujana:

350 years of Dutch colonialism shaped Indonesians’ mentality to be like this… =(

Wang xiao ming:

Apparently, corruption mentality is deeply-rooted in everyone from the common people to the public officials… Fuck you corrupt!


Watching the video is like watching a magic show =))


Van Der Spek is so stupid! Why the heck would he exchange money in shady places like that! Even the local people know that they shouldn’t do that. Use your brain, Mr. Van Der Spek!

Kristian Chen:

The trick is actually quite simple… The tourists should have counted the money again in front of the money changers so the attendants couldn’t dodge the issue… =)

Mirna Christanti:

Thank you for the video! I know more about the nasty characters of Indonesians now. _=_


This is the same Caucasian who conned the Bali Police [to accept his bribe] last time. It seems he’s making these videos intentionally to make Bali look bad!

Zerry Herdian:

One more idiot who lives in Bali! How can you ever improve if you can’t take any criticism about Bali, DUMBASS!!!

Mahliansyah upik:

This is great… I support this Dutchman so that other countries know more about Indonesia… Indonesia should learn to be an honest country…


What a skill! He should be a magician instead!


Indonesians even cheat one another, so why not cheat foreign tourists too? Haha.

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