Lion Air Saves French Economy with Huge Airbus Plane Purchase

A320 Air Bus Employees

From Vivanews:

Lion Air Saves the French Economy by Purchasing Airbus Planes

Amid Europe’s economic crisis, Lion Air‘s purchase of 234 Airbus aircraft has helped to inject life back into the French economy. The transaction, valued at US$ 24 billion, is considered one of the largest aircraft purchases in the world.

Francois Hollande, the president of France, explained that this transaction is the largest in civil aviation history and can save the French economy. This news is a contrast to the current events in Europe, which is overshadowed by fears of a Cyprus bailout.

“I have to thank them for this contract as Airbus will secure about 5,000 jobs over 10 years,” said Hollande, as quoted by Reuters.

Lion Air and AIrbus CEO

Lion Air Indonesia ordered 234 Airbus A320 aircraft consisting of 109 A320neo, 65 A321neo and 60 A320ceo. This transaction makes Lion Air Airbus’ newest customer.

As reported by TheLocal, the Lion Air A320s aircraft will start manufacturing immediately and will be shipped next year. The A320 Neo will begin shipping in 2016. These planes will serve the Indonesian market and the surrounding areas. Moving forward, Lion Air will develop a new company to pursue the Asia-Pacific region. “The A320-type aircraft’s fuel-efficiency will allow Lion Air to operate with the lowest costs and offer the most competitive rates in Asia,” said Rusdi Kirana [Lion Air’s owner].

The milestone contract placed by Lion Air:

A warm Airbus welcome for Lion Air:

Lion Air’s A320 Sneak Preview:

Comments from Kaskus:


Why can’t Lion Air purchase planes from Indonesian Aerospace?
Such a pity, Boss. We have an airplane manufacturing facility but it never gets utilized.
Our apologies, Mr Habibie [Indonesian Ex-President and founder of Indonesian Aerospace]. Hiks…


That’s crazy! 234 planes is extraordinary… Indonesians are really rich!


It’s useless to purchase new planes if their departure times always get delayed!


Holy shit, they bought all 234 Airbus planes?? Where the hell does the money come from?

Fabrice Bregier (R), Airbus President and Chief Executive Officer, Rusdi Kirana (L), Lion Air Chief Executive Officer, and French President Francois Hollande (C) pose after a signing ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris, March 18, 2013. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer


Since Lion Air is a big customer, it is no wonder that they are portrayed like kings. However, I’m sure they’d have been kicked like a beggar if they had asked for loans instead. LOL…


I don’t know if I should be proud after reading this news?? I have mixed feelings.


HOLY SHIT, USD 24 Billion is 1/4 of INDONESIA’S STATE BUDGET…!!! WTF…!!!!!
If only Indonesian Aerospace didn’t declare bankruptcy and we didn’t borrow money from IMF then I’m sure Indonesian Aerospace would be so advanced now. USA is such a bastard!


Why do we buy planes if we can produce them ourselves [in Indonesia]?


Wow, I’ll buy an airplane too someday. Haha…

Lion Air Planes on the Ground“>


Hopefully an European airline will in turn buy an airplane from Indonesia someday… =)


The Lion Air’s CEO appearance is so simple. He doesn’t look like a big boss who just signed a multi-billion dollars contract.


Lion Air saves the French economy by buying airplanes while the Indonesian economy is getting worse… I’m sure the French economy in its worst days is still better than the Indonesian economy.


Well unfortunately, Lion Air’s base will move [away from Indonesia] to Malaysia soon… =(

French President Thanked CEO Lion Air After Saving The French Economy

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