Corrupt Bali Police Extorts Dutch Tourist, Drinks Beer at Post


From YouTube:

Police Corruption in Bali

A tourist from the Netherlands named Van Der Spek was riding a scooter in Kuta, Bali, without wearing a helmet. He was soon stopped by a local police officer. This video shows the recorded conversation between Van Der Spek and the unidentified policeman who extorted the tourist to pay a “fine” or risk having to appear in Bali court. After collecting 200 thousand Rupiah (USD 20), the police officer then invited the Dutchman to drink few bottles of beer at his police post, and used part of the ‘fine’ to pay for the beer.

This video negatively reflects the Indonesian police force in Bali, one of the most famous tourist destination centers in Asia.

Comments on YouTube:


Embarrassing…!!! Hopefully the police chief will punish his subordinate who single-handedly embarrassed the Indonesian police in front of the whole world.

awe wardiansyah:

It’s nice to be a police officer, eh? One blow of the whistle and you’ll earn 200 thousand Rupiah [USD 20] + 3 bottles of beer.


Driving without a helmet and driver’s license, yet you only need to pay €16. Plus you get to develop ‘friendship’ with a police officer. =D Go visit Indonesia!

Eyank jupri sasmita:

This policeman is such an embarrassment! Discipline this person since he was clearly caught extorting.

ahmad yani:

Haha….no problem 100 thousand Rupiah [USD 10] for the beer and 100 for my pocket…LOL… nice !!!

Rizky Ilhamsyah:


zene pox:

The Indonesian police force is ridiculous.


YAY! You are now famous, Mr policeman.

Saifudin Zuhri:

I’m embarrassed to be an Indonesian citizen. There are way too many idiots living here.

Cokiez Madani:

A mouse caught in a trap. Haha.

chethul sumarap:

This policeman is despicable and such a let-down. He sold his own pride and the entire nation for only 100 thousand Rupiah + 4 bottles of beer.

Guntur laksono:

I’m sure he’ll get demoted to a ‘sleeping police’ [speed bump]

Djarod Soemaryo:

I’m sure the career of this policeman has ended. He’ll have to go back to farming on the field or becoming a gangster in Bali…

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