Indonesia To Introduce New Law Against Witchcraft

Indonesian Witch.

From Yahoo!:

Witchcraft Section Listed Inside Draft of Criminal Law Code

The draft of the Criminal Law Code, which is currently under consideration by the House of Representatives, will contain a section regarding witchcraft. In the draft proposed by the government, Article 293 governs the usage of black magic.

According to the section:

(1). Any person who claims to have supernatural powers and gives hope, offers, or provides services to others to inflict illness, death, mental or physical suffering shall be punished with imprisonment of 5 (five) years, or a fine in reference to category IV.

(2) If the offender as defined in subsection (1) committed the act for profit to earn money or as a custom, then the punishment may be added with another 1/3 (one third) of the original sentence.

Comments from Kaskus:


Don’t tell anyone if you have supernatural powers…


So supernatural beings are in danger of losing their jobs too, eh? Scary!!!

Kuntilanak on Stairs


I think the court will have a hard time proving it, don’t you think?


Is this rule created by a law expert or a dreamer? Prove it to us that you can catch a kuntilanak [supernatural creature] then put her into jail.. So ridiculous… Don’t be stupid just because you are stressed out. HAHAHAHA…


Get ready for a Ghostbusters team [formed in Indonesia] to interrogate those supernatural creatures =)

Happy 168:

It’s normal for this law draft to be issued… since the members of the House Representatives possess animal brains and are only required to eat and sleep… LOL…

The Onymus:

Other countries pay attention to rockets, nukes and robots while Indonesia is worried about witchery =(


Is this law draft the result of the study trips? Hmmm…


This is bad karma. Those witchdoctors have scammed people with incense but now it’s their turn to get into trouble with the police. =)


Holy crap, my country is so retarded! LOL…


I can’t imagine supernatural creatures such as ghost, genies, etc will be made court witnesses… Scary!


Return my tax money now!!!!
I don’t want my tax money going to pay the salaries of House of Representatives members…
Otherwise, I might consider finding a witch to curse you all….

How do you imprison those supernatural creatures, Boss? Shouldn’t they be placed into a bottle instead??? +)


Only a DUMBASS would care about this kind of stuff [witchcraft]. I thought they [members of the House Representatives] are well-educated? Gosh….


This is a very good criminal law draft. Please implement it!

A Ghost in Group Photo

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