Indonesian Banks Use Second-Hand ATM Machines From Japan

ATM Machines In Indonesia

From Tribun News:

Turns out, ATM Machines In Indonesia Are Second-hand From Japan

Secondhand ATM Machine from Japan

ATM machines in Indonesia apparently originate from Japan. More interestingly, ATM bank machines used in Indonesia turn out to be the previous, not the latest, models made ​​in Japan. This information was reported in Nikkei newspaper on November 14th.

“Yes, we have sold used ATM machines to Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia,” said Tanaka, an executive of Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Corporation. The executive who handles ATM transaction is named Murayama, but he declined when contacted and handed the phone to Tanaka.

Tanaka confirmed that the sale transaction has been done with Indonesia, which means that second-hand ATM machines from Japan are now in Indonesia and used in Indonesian banks.

A representative from Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions Corporation did not wish to comment further when contacted by in Tokyo. It is not known when the sale transaction occurred and which bank in Indonesia the ATM machines are sold to; or whether those machines are able to be used in Indonesia, which has a different system than Japan, and need to closely align with standards set by Bank Indonesia.

According to its website, this company is selling three kinds of second-hand ATM machines, which are Worldwide Recycling ATM (HT-2845-SR), Worldwide Recycling ATM (SR7500), and Worldwide Recycling ATM (HT-2845-V, W).

Secondhand ATM Machine from Japan

According to research conducted by, used ATM machine prices in Japan vary between 50,000 yen or 5.9 million Rp (Rp 118 per yen exchange rate) to 350,000 yen, or about 41.5 million Rp per unit [~602 to ~4262 USD].

Secondhand ATM Machine from Japan

Comments from Kaskus:


Indonesia often prefers second-hand goods… from planes, trains, photocopy machines…. and now ATM machines.


Hmm… a second-hand machine from Japan is still not too bad, much better than lower-quality counterfeit products.


Well, that’s okay as long the machine is still usable and has no problems. I’m sure the Japanese do not use it brutally like Indonesians, who often destroy public property.


It would be nice if the machine gives out Japanese Yen, instead of Indonesian Rupiah.

Indonesian Currency - Rupiah


Well, I guess smaller banks do not have enough money to purchase new ATM machines… It is tolerable as long the money is always present.


Well Indonesians are traditionally frugal, so might as well use second-hand products.


The ATM from Bank Mandiri is from Canada, gan. My cousin works at Bank Mandiri [an Indonesian bank].


That’s okay if it’s a used machine, as long the money that comes out of it is real Indonesian Rupiah.


No wonder, it [the ATM machine] often has errors/malfunctions.


Wow, everything is second-hand… maybe one day the imported food products will be recycled too.


I guess the technology in Japan is far more advanced… I have never been to Japan.


Well, at least they are only second-hand machines, which still means we purchased them… It’d be even worse if the machines were given for free, as Indonesia would be labelled as freeloader by Japan.

What do you think of second-hand products? What are some things that you prefer to purchase used and what are things you absolutely must purchase new?

Indonesian Banking System

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