Indonesian Maid Tortured in Hong Kong, In Critical Condition

Erwina After Tortured in HK

From Detik News:

Indonesian Worker in Critical Condition After Tortured In Hong Kong

An Indonesian migrant worker named Erwina Sulistyaningsih, 23 years old, was tortured by her employer in Hong Kong until she was hospitalized in critical condition.

Police received a report confirming the news from her migrant worker agency as reported by the site.

“On the afternoon of 12 January, the police received a report that a domestic help foreign worker was allegedly tortured by her employer,” according to a police statement sent to the AFP news agency.

According to labor organizations in Hong Kong, the migrant worker may have been tortured for eight months since her arrival in May last year.

This migrant worker reportedly sought the help of a friend to go to the airport. She has suffered cuts and burns all over her body, including her legs.

The employer gave her 1.2 million Rupiah [~US$ 120] and a T-shirt. She was further threatened not to ever mention her experience just before she entered the plane.

Hong Kong currently accommodates 300 thousand workers from Southeast Asia, mostly from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Interview video with Erwina from YouTube:


Erwina Before Surgery in Sragen Hospital in Indonesia

Erwina After Surgery in Sragen Hospital

Erwina Boss Lo Wan Tung

Erwina’s employer Lo Wan Tung arrested by HK Police

Lo Wan Tung Arrested by HK Police

Lo Wan Tung Arrested at the HK Airport Before “Going for Vacation” to Thailand

Comments from Kaskus:


Instead of making the money she wanted, she ended up like this… =) May God avenge her.


My mom previously worked in a worker training agency in Jakarta. She said that these cases frequently happen overseas. According to her, maid abuse rarely happens in Hong Kong, but is more common in Malaysia and Arab countries.




This is very sad. People shouldn’t work as migrant workers anymore.


She looks so pitiful. Her pictures from before and after look so different!


The moral of the story is why do Indonesians insist on working overseas?


Well, I heard that some Indonesian migrant workers in Hong Kong are very rich and naughty. Some even got pregnant screwing around with their fellow Indonesian migrant workers.


It’s indeed hard to be a migrant worker. At least she wasn’t tortured to death. =(


Fuckin Chinese!


Her appearance has become so ugly after this. Hopefully the person who hurt her will be treated like an ANIMAL!




Holy shit, what did they do for her body to become like that?


This is their own fault for traveling far away to Hong Kong just to become a maid. While Indonesia is a rich country with plenty of natural resources, some citizens are happy to serve others, even becoming illegal maids.


Hong Kong is considered a developed society but the people’s attitudes are cruel! =(

What do you think?

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Indonesia Immigrant Protests in HK

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Indonesia Immigrant Protests in HK

Indonesia Immigrant Protests in HK

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