Jumping Indonesian Boy Crushed After Escalator Step Collapses

Lim Yuan Hong Jammed in Pluit Mal Elevator

From Detik News:

A Boy Was Trapped After Jumping on Top of Escalator in Pluit Village Mall

A 5-year-old boy named Lim Yuan Hong was seriously injured and had to undergo surgery. The victim was trapped after jumping up and down on top of the escalator at the Pluit Village Mall, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

“The victim fell into the moving escalator machine and was crushed [between the moving steps and combplate],” said Penjaringan Police Chief Sujudi Ario Seto to detikcom.


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This unfortunate incident occurred on Friday, 27 December 2013 around 9:00pm. At the time, the boy who is still in kindergarten was visiting the mall with his ​​parents and babysitter.

“At the time, he was playing and jumping up and down on the escalator,” he said.

Suddenly, the victim fell and his body was pinned inside the moving escalator. The babysitter yelled immediately when she saw it happen.

Sujudi said they are still investigating the case. The police has questioned a number of witnesses at the scene, including mall management.

“The investigation process is still ongoing and we have contacted the Police Headquarters forensic expert,” added Sujudi.

“Currently the accident seems to have been caused by the escalator collapsing,” he said.

Lim Yuan Hong Having Fun after Surgery

Comments from Kaskus:


Wow, hopefully he’ll get well soon.


This must be the mall management’s fault. How can an escalator collapse from a kid jumping up and down?


This is his parents’ fault. Why did the kid jump up and down on an escalator? Do they think it’s a trampoline?


How fat is the kid to have caused an escalator to collapse?


This is why parental supervision is very important. Instead of checking out mall discounts, they should control their kid better.


This is a common attitude with new parents these days. I’m not racist but when I often see Chinese rich parents who don’t know how to educate their kids well, their kids are usually very spoiled because they get whatever they wish for.


I think the place is haunted.


All elevators are made in China, regardless of the brand!


Seriously, what was the babysitter doing? I think she was being inattentive. If I were the parents, I’d skin her alive!


Well, the parents should watch their kid more closely so that he won’t jump around, especially if he’s obese.


I can’t imagine his pain! =(


This happened in Carrefour [located inside Pluit Village Mall]. The kid is recovering in the regular care unit at Pluit hospital from fever. I think the babysitter might have been fired.


I just found out that an elevator can be used for jumping up and down. Maybe it should be used as a slide too.


Who asked the kid to jump up and down? His parents are so dumb since they should know that their son’s body is huge like a barrel!

What do you think? Who should be most blamed for this accident?

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