7-Year-Old Boy Abandoned After Sadistic Torture By Mother

Adit Rests in Hospital

From JPNN News:

Boy Sadistically Tortured; Cut Scars on Lips, Tongue, and Penis

A boy named Adit (7) was found covered with traces of abuse. The police have been questioning Adit. According to him, his mother named Minah and his uncle called Isyam left him at that location.

Adit claims he was being abused all this time. His story supported by the condition of his body which is covered with bruises and cuts.

According to Alwis, he has cooperated with Tandun police in the search for both of Adit’s parents. According to Adit, his home address is located at Rambutan Street. ‘We’ve been searching along Rambutan Street near the Tandun Military Complex but we can’t find them. We are also looking at Rambutan Pasirpengaraian Street but still no luck,” he said.

Alwis said that the state of Adit’s body is heartbreaking despite treatment. His head has suffered blows, cuts, and collisions, and his entire body is covered with injuries. ‘There are also cut marks on his lips and tongue as well,‘ he said sadly.

WARNING: The below images may be disturbing to some viewers.

Nurse Cleansing Adit's Wounds

Adit Visited by Child Service Volunteers

Adit Back has Iron Mark

Adit Recovers in Hospital

Adit Full of Tortured Marks

Adit's Little Brother called Tantowi (1 Year Old)

Adit’s little brother Tantowi (1 year old)

Adit's Parents

Adit’s father (SuryaAtmadja) and step-mother (Ervina) in police station

Comments from Kaskus:


What a savage.. he was treated worse than an animal!


Oh my god… I really want to cry just looking at his picture… Hopefully, Adit will get a new family who loves him dearly and will recover soon… =(


She doesn’t deserve to be a mom…. Even animals love their kids… The law needs to find justice for this case…


So sadistic. This experience will traumatize the kid for life.


Oh man, I swear I can’t bear to even look at his pictures! =(


Just catch his mom and punish her severely. If she doesn’t want to have a kid then she shouldn’t have one.


It’s very sad. She could have given him up for adoption instead of torturing him if she didn’t want the kid!


This mom is really sick. GRRRR!


A piece of advice for this kid: “Please don’t hold a grudge against your mom and love her with all your heart, son’ =(


Let’s cut his mom’s tongue, nose, lips, eyes, breasts too!


Just hang her mom!


Adit’s mom totally deserves to be sentenced to death! Even animals or the devil wouldn’t torture their own children.


Beast! Others want to have children while this person neglects her own kid.


The pictures are really so disturbing even though they are already censored…


So cruel. Why did she even cut his penis? =(

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  • fuck evil step-mothers worldwide

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Me too! But only if they are hot.

  • Oh lord,That Poor little boy, The images of his broken body, old scars on top of new have me weeping. How could anyone do such a thing.Only seven short years on this earth and this is what he has endured. Thankfully he is in good hands now. I wish only joy for him and his little brother from now on. Stay strong little man.

  • UserID01

    What about his father? How could he see his son every day with all of these cuts and bruises and not do anything about it?

    • socali

      His father doesnt live with him. It says his father and stepmother were in the police station which means he married someone else. Not surprised at all that he left the monster mom.

      • UserID01

        I sure hope she wasn’t this much of a monster BEFORE he left. Because if he knew this woman was a maniac and STILL walked out to leave his child alone with a psycho, he’s just as guilty.

    • lasolitaria

      What about his mother, who did all this?

      • UserID01

        I would think that the father had to have some kind of involvement in the kid’s life so he would know what was going on. Not all of these cuts and bruises are new. My parents lived apart, too, and if I came back from a visit with my father with a new cut or bruise, my mom would always want to know exactly what, when, where and why it happened and vice versa. I’d hate to think that the father had simply walked out and not maintained contact with his kid so he didn’t know this abuse was happening. I couldn’t look at my kid, see all of these cuts and bruises and burns and think, “Well, see you, son! Back to your mom for the rest of the week!”

        • lasolitaria

          You would think? You’d hate to think? Whatever, that’s just speculation and your anecdotal evidence. There’s no indication that the father had anything to do with the abuse so why are you trying to involve him as well and downplay the mother’s fault? Maybe the guy was distant and a lousy father but so far he isn’t an abuser.

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